Product Showcase

  1. “U” Series Amplifiers With Widest Bandwidth In The Industry

    AR’s new “U” Series amplifiers offer the broadest frequency ranges in the industry, from 10 kHz to 1000 MHz, and a wide power spectrum of 1 – 100 Watts. These reliable, long-lasting universal amplifiers are ideal for use in multiple applications across diverse industries such as laboratory testing, EMC testing, antenna and component testing, Watt meter calibration, research, and much more.

  2. How To Reduce The Time And Cost Of The Aircraft Certification Process

    External threats such as high intensity radiated fields (HIRF) and lightning strikes may have catastrophic effects on modern avionic platforms due to the extensive use of composite materials and the replacement of mechanical and hydraulic flight controls with electronic devices (fly-by-wire systems). 

  3. Experts In PC-Driven RF Instrumentation

    Berkeley Nucleonics offers a wide range of RF instrumentation solutions for the most demanding RF and microwave applications. These products include Microwave Signal Generators, Phase Noise Testers, and compact, real-time Spectrum Analyzers.

  4. Audio Power Amplifier: Model OPA101

    The OPHIREMC Model OPA101 is an audio power amplifier designed for conducted susceptibility testing within EMC standard Mil-Std-461, RTCA DO-160, and additional EMC specifications. Used in conjunction with the OPHIREMC Model OCT101 coupling transformer, this amplifier operates over the DC to 300 kHz frequency range and provides up to 200 W of output power.

  5. OEM Based RF Signal Sources For Embedded Applications: Model 845-OEM

    The Model 845-OEM series is an easy to implement test equipment solution designed to fulfill integrated signal generation needs. Built on a foundation of high quality and market leading Berkeley Nucleonics Signal Sources, the 845-OEM series provides the highest output power, lowest harmonic levels and broadest frequency range amongst signal generators of its size and cost. Designed around a package hardened against noise, ESD, or EMI to ensure the highest and most reliable performance regardless of the environment, and ready to be implemented in your system.

  6. Modular Instrumentation Amplifiers: PTCM Series

    The new PTCM series of traveling wave tube (TWT) modular instrumentation amplifiers from TMD can be used for a variety of applications including EMC/radiated immunity, communications, EW, radar, and RF component testing in the DC – 40 GHz frequency range, up to 50 kW. These amplifiers now offer improved capabilities such as built-in self-testing, advanced fault diagnostics, modular, plug-and-play field replaceable PCBs, and Ethernet remote control and monitoring.

  7. XFdtd's Advantages For Mobile Device Design

    Engineers can’t afford discrepancies between device efficiency and simulation results. Importing the right CAD model achieves a higher level of accuracy with measurements that are exceptionally close to the real device, streamlining workflow and simplifying the design process.

  8. 6 GHz Fixed Attenuators With 4.1/9.5 And 4.3/10 Connectors

    The 50FHC-XXX-25-6 and 50FHXC-XXX-50-6 are fixed attenuators covering the DC – 6 GHz frequency range with 4.1/9.5 and 4.3/10 connectors. They also feature RF input power at 25 or 50 W, attenuation values from 1 – 40 dB, and 50 Ohms nominal impedance.

  9. High-Power Bluetooth® Amplifier For Mobile Applications: SKY85018-11

    Skyworks introduces the new SKY85018-11 high-power Bluetooth® power amplifier solution designed specifically for mobile applications that target Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. This highly integrated device is optimized for improving Bluetooth® connectivity ranges that are required for music streaming.

  10. Self-Securing Circular Connector: ODU MINI-SNAP®

    The ODU MINI-SNAP® connector is a self-securing, circular connection solution offering long-term reliability, a high level of quality, and the best operating features for applications that transfer power, signals, data, or media.