Product Showcase

  1. Full Ka-Band Omnidirectional Antenna: SAO-2734033045-KF-C1-BL

    SAGE Millimeter offers the SAO-2734033045-KF-C1-BL full Ka-band omnidirectional antenna for 5G, communications, and EW applications in the 26.5 to 40 GHz frequency range. This is a vertically polarized antenna with 360 degrees azimuth coverage and a 7.5 dBi typical gain and ±1 dB nominal gain flatness.

  2. 5 – 6 GHz, 60 Watt GaN Power Amplifier: QPA2308

    The QPA2308 is Qorvo’s MMIC power amplifier operating from 5.0 – 6.0 GHz for C-band radar and satellite communications applications. Fabricated on Qorvo’s production 0.25 um GaN on SiC process, the amplifier produces greater than 60 W of saturated output power and greater than 21 dB of large-signal gain while achieving greater than 43% power-added efficiency.

  3. 32 – 38 GHz, 5 Watt GaN Amplifier: TGA2224

    Qorvo offers the TGA2224 wideband power amplifier MMIC covering the 32-38 GHz frequency range for radar, SatCom, EW, space, and point-to-point communications applications. Fabricated on Qorvo’s production 0.15 um GaN on SiC process, the TGA2224 provides greater than 37 dBm (5 W) of saturated output power and 16 dB of large-signal gain while achieving > 20% power-added efficiency.

  4. Front End Module For Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Systems: QPF4219

    Qorvo offers the QPF4219 integrated front end module (FEM) for Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) systems. The QPF4219 integrates a 2.4 GHz power amplifier (PA), regulator, single pole two throw switch (SP2T), bypassable low noise amplifier (LNA) and DC power detector into a single device. With a compact form factor and integrated matching, this module minimizes the layout area required for its application.

  5. 10 To 110 GHz Directional Coupler With 10 dB Coupling: Model 1100110010

    KRYTAR offers the Model 1100110010 Directional Coupler operating in the 10 to 110 GHz frequency range and delivering exceptionally flat nominal coupling of 10 dB across the full bandwidth. Ideal for wireless designs and many test and measurement applications for emerging mmWave and 5G markets, the coupler can be manufactured to meet military specifications.

  6. Custom Waveguide Circulators For 5G Infrastructure

    Skyworks offers the SKYFR-001692 and the SKYFR-001657 as the newest models in the family of mini circulators for 5G infrastructure. These ultra-compact, high performance circulators demonstrate unique capabilities to enhance network efficiency and deliver higher capacity with greater coverage.

  7. Phase Noise Analyzer And VCO Tester: R&S®FSWP

    Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S FSWP phase noise tester can measure the spectral purity of signal sources such as generators, synthesizers and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) more quickly than with any other solution. The high-end instrument covers a frequency range up to 50 GHz and offers a top dynamic range. It features an extremely low phase noise of its local oscillator coupled with cross-correlation that makes it possible to easily measure signal sources that in the past required complex test setups or could not be measured at all.

  8. Signal And Spectrum Analyzer For High-Speed Analysis In Lab And Production Applications: R&S®FSV300

    The R&S FSV3000 is designed to help users set up complex measurements in the simplest and fastest way possible. With its easy usability and high measurement speed, it is the right instrument for labs and production lines. It provides up to 200 MHz analysis bandwidth – enough to capture and analyze, for example, two 5G NR carriers at once.

  9. Synchronous Step-Down Regulator With 2.5µA Quiescent Current: LT8609S

    Analog Devices offers the LT8609S compact, high efficiency, high speed synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator designed to consume only 1.7 µA of non-switching quiescent current. The LT8609S can deliver 2A of continuous current with peak loads of 3A (<1sec) to support applications such as GSM transceivers which require high transient loads.

  10. Harsh Environment Connectors: M Series

    LEMO’s M Series connectors are lightweight triple-start ratchet coupling type connectors ideally designed for avionics, aerospace, military, security, motorsport, and other applications in harsh environments. The products are COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf), fulfil various MIL–spec requirements, and answer most of the MIL-DTL-38999 requirements.