Product Showcase

  1. High Density Interconnects (HDi)

    MegaPhase offers the High-Density Interconnect (HDi) product line with a variety of connector configurations to system designers to optimize packaging miniaturization while maintaining electrical and mechanical robustness. These solutions are based on snap-in interfaces, SMP, SMPM and SMPS per MIL-STD-348B, and are ideal for applications requiring lighter weight, high densities, and higher performance.

  2. Connected Home

    Wireless data helps turn the idea of a smart home into reality. Skyworks’ products allow homeowners greater control over their environment with a host of connected devices including thermostats, security systems, touch pads, security sensors, light switches, smoke and CO alarms, major appliances, and door locks.

  3. DC – 30 GHz Distributed Driver Amplifier: CMD292

    Custom MMIC offers the CMD292 wideband GaAs MMIC distributed driver amplifier die for applications operating in the DC to 30 GHz frequency range. The amplifier offers 13 dB of gain with a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +27 dBm, and an output IP3 of 33 dBm at 15 GHz.

  4. Two Stage, High Linearity And High Gain Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67180-306LF

    The SKY67180-306LF low-noise amplifier (LNA) operates in the 1.5 – 3.8 GHz frequency range and features active bias and high linearity performance. In addition to the high linearity, the output stage also provides high gain. The advanced GaAs pHEMT enhancement mode front end device provides ultra-low noise figure. Stable performance over temperature and process variation are a direct result of the amplifier’s active bias circuitry.

  5. High Power Symmetrical SPDT RF Switch: SSHPS 1.00-2.50-200

    Aethercomm’s SSHPS 1.00-2.50-200 is a high power RF switch designed for communication and electronic warfare (EW) applications where high power, low loss, and excellent isolation are required. This switch operates from +28V dc supply with 750 mA maximum current draw, and the peak power out is 1.0 kW maximum.

  6. 5200 - 5900 MHz GaN MMIC For Radar Power Amplifiers: CMPA5259050F

    The CMPA5259050F gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) from Cree is designed to provide high efficiency, high gain, and wide bandwidth capabilities in applications operating in the 5.2 – 5.9 GHz frequency range. Supplied in a ceramic/metal flange package, the amplifier also operates at 50 Watts and 28 volts.

  7. Epsilometer Solution For Measuring Dielectric Properties

    Copper Mountain Technologies offers the Epsilometer solution for measuring the dielectric properties of substrate materials from 3 MHz up to 6 GHz and can accommodate sheet specimens from 0.3 to 3 mm thick. A database in the software for the device is used to invert properties and is populated up to a permittivity of 25.

  8. CATV Infrastructure Amplifier 1.2 GHz CCAP/Edge QAM/CMTS Driver: ACA1240

    Skyworks’ ACA1240 is a GaAs based amplifier that contains highly linear amplification and attenuation stages for use in CATV CCAP/EQAM/CMTS modulators and networks. It incorporates a continuously adjustable linear attenuator that is controlled by an external analog voltage.

  9. CATV Hybrid Power Double Amplifier Module: QPA3250

    Qorvo’s QPA3250 is a hybrid power double amplifier module ideally used for Node+x and deep fiver node systems and CATV amplifier systems operating in the 45 – 1218 MHz range. Employing a GaAs pHEMT die and GaN die, the part offers extremely high output up to 76.8 dBmV composite power or 67 dBmV virtual level power.

  10. 75 Ohm RF Switch Assembly: 75SA-081

    JFW’s 75SA-081 is a 75 Ohm RF switch system in a low profile benchtop enclosure type for applications in the DC-2150 MHz range. It has an RF input power of 0.5 Watts, has 2 individually controlled 1P16T normally open self-terminating electro-mechanical RF switches in a 19 inch rack mount @ 4RU high.