Product Showcase

  1. Precision Microwave And RF Components

    Anritsu is a leader in the design and production of precision microwave components, including:

    • Precision Coaxial Connector Systems to 145 GHz
    • Precision Coaxial and Waveguide to Coax Adapters
    • RF Detectors
    • Precision Terminations and Air lines
    • Precision Fixed Attenuators
    • Precision Step Attenuators
    • Precision Power Dividers and Splitters
    • Precision Bias Tees
    • Broadband Microwave Limiters
  2. Empower RF Systems’ Radar Capabilities

    Empower RF Systems offers a wide range of power amplifiers and stand-alone or high-power amplifiers for an extensive range of radar applications, including HR for over-the horizon (OTH), VHF for very long range and ground penetration, and UHFfor very long range and foliage penetration. Amplifiers in the L-band are also available for use in long range air traffic control and surveillance, as well as in the S-band for moderate rang surveillance and long range weather.


    Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Detector Log Video Amplifiers (DLVAs) and Successive Detector Log Video Amplifiers (SDLVAs). These devices are used extensively in applications requiring an output voltage related to the power of a received RF signal. In order to cope with a wide range of input signals a log amplifier is used to provide a linear voltage output per dBm of input power. Typically the input range of a DVLA will operate over 50dB or more with a base sensitivity less than -40dBm whilst providing linear conversion within ±1dB for all power levels, frequencies and temperatures. Where greater sensitivity and power levels are expected the Extended Range DLVA (ERDLVA) offers even greater performance.

  4. Teledyne Defence And Space Filters

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions offers a range of filters for defense and space applications. Filter types include electro-mechanical filters, fixed filters, fast tuned notch filters, and TDS bandpass filters.

  5. 2.0 – 8.6 GHz Broadband Directional Coupler: Model 102008616TV

    KRYTAR’s new Model 152006 broadband directional coupler is designed for thermal vacuum environmental applications operating within the 2.0 to 8.6 GHz frequency range where external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing, or swept transmission and reflection measurements are required. This coupler delivers superior performance ratings such as nominal coupling (with respect to the output) and frequency sensitivity of ±0.25 dB, and directivity greater than 20 dB.

  6. 500 W GaN/SiC Long-Pulse L-Band Transistor: IGN1214L500B

    Integra Technologies introduces the IGN1214L500B long-pulse transistor with GaN on SiC HEMT technology, operating at 380 W for applications from 1.2 – 1.4 GHz. The transistor exhibits 15.5 dB typical gain, and 65% efficiency, at 2 milliseconds and 20% pulse conditions. It is specified for use under Class AB operation.

  7. 2.4 GHz Front-end Module For ZigBee®/Thread/Bluetooth® Applications: SKY66403-11

    The SKY66403-11 is a 2.4 GHz fully integrated RF Front-end Module (FEM) designed to deliver high performance for ZigBee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® Smart applications such as in smart thermostats, in-home appliances, IoT devices, smart lighting, sensors, wireless audio, and range extenders.

  8. High Shock Resistance Through-Hole Tuning Fork Crystals: M1380 And M1381 Series

    The M1380 and M1381 Series of high shock resistance are through-hole tuning fork crystals designed for applications requiring a wide temperature range and high shock performance. Parts may be processed with  wave or re-low soldering. Applications include avionics controls, satellite communications, defense, airborne equipment, and other industrial applications.

  9. 50 MHz – 20 GHz Ultra-Broadband High-Performance Amplifier: Model BBA-0005-20000

    The new Model BBA-0005-20000 ultra-broadband amplifier designed to cover the 50 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range in a single unit for applications in test measurement, electronic countermeasures, scientific research, as well as communication equipment. This new model draws only 180 mA from a 12V DC supply, exhibits 27 dBm third order intercept and output VSWR down to 1.5:1, and features a reverse isolation of 60 dB.

  10. High IIP3 10 MHz To 1.5 GHz Voltage-Controlled Variable Attenuator: SKY12239-11

    The new SKY12239-11 is a voltage-controlled variable attenuator from Skyworks’ series of broadband, flat attenuation, high third order intercept point (IIP3) components. With operation over the 10 MHz to 1.5 GHz frequencies, this device is ideal for use as a wide dynamic range, low distortion attenuator in many applications, including those with automatic power leveling/gain control circuits in cellular base stations and point-to-point radio IF chains, and general wireless systems for military communications.