Product Showcase

  1. Mobile Device Applications

    Skyworks provides high performance analog semiconductors that serve as key components in the design of wireless mobile devices. High performance, complex solutions come in small packages, are energy efficient, and affordable in order to meet the requirements of handset size, cost, and power consumption, while managing potential signal interference.

  2. Wearable Device Applications

    Skyworks delivers innovative devices designed to arrange high-performance semiconductors into compact, wearable devices. Wearable devices include health-focused watches, glasses, and fitness trackers that measure daily activities, calculate steps taken, calories burned, and other personal data.

  3. Medical Industry Solutions

    Skyworks is proud to offer a wide range of RF solutions to ensure two-way communication in vital medical equipment such as patient monitors and scanners. Skyworks products include subsystems for antenna connections and baseband output, as well as components for wireless personal area networks (WPAN).

  4. Spectrum Master™ Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer: MS2760A

    From Anritsu, the inventor of the handheld spectrum analyzer first introduced in 1999, we are proud to introduce our first generation MS2760A Spectrum Master – Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer. By utilizing Anritsu’s patented shockline non-linear transmission line (NLTL) technology, the MS2760A shatters the cost, size, and performance barriers associated with traditional large form factor instruments to more efficiently advance technology development.

  5. CIED Capabilities

    Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS), a business unit of Teledyne Microwave System (TMS), has manufactured both complete and sub-system products for high performance CIED frequency agile jammers.

    These systems are used to counter the latest threats from Remote Control IEDs (RCIEDs) and incorporate the latest tunable and fixed filter technology techniques developed within TDS.

  6. Fast Tune Notch Filters

    Teledyne Defence & Space (TDS), a business unit of Teledyne Microwave System (TMS), offers a range of fast tune notch filters (FTNF) that have been designed to protect Electronic Support Measures (ESM) receivers from high duty cycle, frequency agile interference produced by on board (or cohort) combat radar systems. ESM sensors need protection from high-level frequency-agile radars.

  7. Frequency Synthesizers: HSM Series

    Holzworth Instrumentation offers the HSM Series of RF synthesizer modules designed as building blocks for systems integration applications where foundational performance is critical. These synthesizers are able to produce true phase coherency and industry leading channel-to-channel stability when integrated as multiple units.

  8. Galileo Smart Material Designer (SMD)

    The Galileo Smart Material Designer (SMD) is an IDS tool optimized for modeling smart materials. Smart materials such as Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS), hard/soft/balanced surfaces, Radar Adsorbing Material (RAM), Radar Adsorbing Structure (RAS), Polarization Selective Surfaces (PSS), and artificial magnetic conductors are widely used in many aerospace, antenna, and defense application fields, including FSS conformal radomes, RAM installed on the internal surface of aircraft engine inlet exhaust, convex dichroic lenses in antennas, hard/soft surfaces along internal walls of horns, and RAM installed on building walls.

  9. 2 GHz Wi-Fi Medium Power Amplifier: QPA5219

    The QPA5219 is a three-stage power amplifier from Qorvo designed specifically for Wi-Fi applications, including those utilizing access points, wireless routers, and the Internet of Things. The amplifier’s performance is based on a balance of efficiency to linear power which increases the range and throughput of connections.

  10. Low PIM Bias Tee: LP207N-MF-3

    MECA delivers the new LP207N-MF-3 low PIM Bias Tee designed for operation in applications in the 0.698 to 2.7 GHz range. With a low PIN of less than -155 dBc, this bias tee offers and insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB, an isolation greater than 25 dB, and a VSWR of 1.40:1.