Product Showcase

  1. GPS Front-End Modules For Mobile Applications

    Skyworks introduces new shielded GPS low-noise amplifier front-end modules (FEMs), the SKY65725-11 and SKY65728-11, designed for use in mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets. Both devices feature high linearity, excellent gain, and superior noise figure to enable design flexibility and high levels of integration. Pre-filters provide the low in-band insertion loss and excellent rejections of the cellular, PCS, and WLAN frequency bands.

  2. 2-Port Compact VNAs With High Output Power And Dynamic Range: SC Series

    Copper Mountain Technologies announced new SC Series of compact VNAs for 2-port 2-path measurements. The SC Series features a 140 dB dynamic range, 15 dBm output power, and a typical measurement speed of 16 µs per point. These VNAs are the latest addition to CMT’s Compact line of VNAs and includes the SC5065 and SC5090.

  3. Advanced 14nm 2x2 Mobile Connectivity SoC For Wi-Fi 6 And Bluetooth 5.1: QCA6390

    Qualcomm offers the QCA6390, an advanced 14 nm 2x2 mobile connectivity SoC, designed to support the full suite of Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 features for mobile and computing devices. It is designed to deliver faster, more secure, and more robust Wi-Fi experiences and enable new Bluetooth audio capabilities such as ultra-high-definition voice and low-latency gaming over wireless headphones, earbuds, and speakers.

  4. 30 MHz - 512 MHz Multi-Band Automatic Booster Amplifier With Co-Site Filter: AR-50X-MUOS

    AR Modular RF offers the new Model AR-50X booster for the AR-50 series. It is designed to provide the same performance of standard AR-50 models with the addition of full-duplex MUOS support over the dedicated satellite communications antenna port.

  5. Advanced LCP Substrates For HF And Microwave Applications

    Micro Systems Technologies (MST) offers Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) is a superior organic multilayer material for substrates in RF applications with stable electrical and mechanical characteristics across a range of frequencies up to 100 GHz. Due to its very low water absorption, LCP properties remain nearly constant regardless of the presence of moisture, allowing its use for near-hermetic packages.

  6. Semiconductor Technology

    All mission critical functions are accessible within the MST group to provide miniaturized packages. Capabilities include design, substrate manufacturing, component selection and validation as well as all major semiconductor packaging processes.

  7. 10 MHz - 55 GHz Broadband Calibrated Noise Source For Noise Figure Measurements: NC346

    The Noisecom AWGN NC346 Series comprises broadband calibrated noise sources for precise noise figure measurement applications. These noise sources have broadband coverage and excellent temperature and voltage stability, for the finest noise figure meter-compatible laboratory standards.

  8. Rack-Mount Continuous Wave TWTAs For Electronic Warfare Simulation And RF Testing

    dB Control introduces two rack-mount, continuous wave (CW) traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) designed for applications such as electronic warfare (EW) simulation, RFI susceptibility testing, RF components testing, and more. The dB-4345 is a S/C-band TWTA operating in the 2 – 6 GHz range at 325 Watts CW. The dB-4311M is an I/J-band TWTA at 6 – 18 GHz at 300 Watts CW.

  9. Gowanda Broadband Conical Inductor Product Family

    Gowanda expands their portfolio of broadband microwave RF conical inductors developed to address the need for higher performance from broadband conical components. They are ideal for use in communication applications for bias T’s, broadband chip manufacturing, communication platforms, high frequency, microwave circuitry, RF test set-ups, test and measurement, test gear, test instrumentation and transmission amplifier applications.

  10. 3100 - 3500 MHz GaN HEMT For S-Band Radar Systems: CGHV35120F

    Wolfspeed, a Cree Company, offers the CGHV35120F GaN HEMT designed for high efficiency, high gain, and wide bandwidth capabilities for use in S-band radar amplifier applications operating in the 3.1 to 3.5 GHz range.