Product Showcase

  1. Phase Invariant Cable Assemblies: Minibend CTR/ Mini 141 CT

    The Minibend CTR/Mini141 CT family of phase invariant cable assemblies is designed for phase critical applications requiring precision electrical length connectivity. The cables combine the flexibility of the HUBER+SUHNER Astrolab bend-to-the-end connector termination technology with industry leading phase noise vs. temperature performance.

  2. Broadband Surface Mount (SMT) 8-Way RF Splitter/Combiner

    BroadBand Transmission (BBT) Line offers a patented 8-way surface mount (SMT) RF splitter/combiner for broadband applications within the 0.5 to 7 GHz frequency range. With an atypical Wilkinson-style design, this device yields a more compact splitter/combiner with outstanding low loss RF characteristics and high power handling capabilities.

  3. Standard And Custom High Performance Cavity Filters: NuFilter™ Series

    NuWaves Engineering offers the NuFilter™ series of cavity filters designed for applications operating within the 1 GHz to 20 GHz frequency range. Options for standard and custom models include 3 dB bandwidths from 3% to 28%, stop-band rejections of 80 dB, insertion losses of < 1 dB, and up to 50 W power handling (higher power ratings available upon request).

  4. High-Power Switch LNA Module: QPB9325

    Qorvo offers the QPB9325 highly integrated front-end module with operation in the 3.6 – 3.8 GHz frequency range ideally suited for TDD base station, wireless infrastructure, and macro or picocell base station applications. This LNA module integrates RF functional blocks such as a pin-diode based high power switch along with two LNA stages.

  5. 100 MHz To 18 GHz Mini Benchtop Programmable Attenuator Assembly: 50BA-032-31

    JFW’s 50BA-032-31 is a 50 Ohms mini benchtop programmable attenuator assembly designed with four solid-state step attenuators for applications operating within the 100 MHz to 18 GHz frequency range. The devices have an attenuation range of 0 to 31 dB by 1 dB steps and can be controlled manually or remotely.

  6. 0.5 – 20 GHz Directional Coupler: Model 500520020

    The new Model 500520020 from Krytar is a dual directional coupler designed for power sampling and measurement, amplifier leveling, VSWR monitoring, field control, and amplifier and load protection applications in the 0.5 to 20.0 GHz frequency range. The coupler enhances the selection of multi-purpose, stripline designs with superior performance ratings such as nominal coupling (with respect to output) of 20 dB, ±1.0 dB, and frequency sensitivity of ±0.85 dB.

  7. 1 – 40 GHz Directional Coupler For Space Applications: Model 101040010SQ

    The new Model 101040010SQ from Krytar is an ultra-broadband directional coupler designed for space applications operating in the 1.0 to 40.0 GHz frequency range. The coupler offers superior performance with its new stripline design unit, and delivers performance ratings of nominal coupling (with respect to output) of of 10 dB, ±1.0 dB, and frequency sensitivity of ±1.52 dB.

  8. NuPower Xtender™ Bidirectional RF Amplifiers

    NuWaves offers the NuPower Xtender™ series of broadband state bidirectional amplifier modules designed for extending the communication range of half-duplex transceivers. They combine power efficiency, a compact size, and ruggedized packaging, making them an ideal amplifier solution for unmanned vehicles, ISR, tactical communications, and other applications with size, weight, and power consumption restrictions.

  9. Wireless Network Surveillance System

    The new wireless network surveillance system from Corry Micronics comprises the RFMS-2x8*8 8 Channel Matrix with a Probe Port and two CMIATT-4CH-200W 100 W Attenuator banks. It is capable of a range of configurations ranging from one port to over 48 ports. The 8-channel RF matrix switch is designed with a probe/test port where the signal analysis occurs. The 8-channel switch is bi-directional enabling testing in both directions. System frequencies can be customized to the end user’s specifications.

  10. 26.5 – 40.0 GHz, 125 Watt Microwave Power Module (MPM): dB-3201

    The dB-3201 microwave power module (MPM) has a 125 Watt output power and operates in the 26.5 to 40 GHz frequency range. With its excellent reliability, it is ideal for electronic countermeasure (EC), electronic warfare (EW) applications, and in other extreme military environments.