Oscillators Products

  1. 7 – 14 GHz Broadband Voltage Controlled Oscillator: MAOC-410100

    The MAOC-410100 from MACOM is a wideband voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) ideal for applications including communication, test and measurement, and defense applications in the 7 – 14 GHz frequency range. With a flat output power and very low phase noise over its operating conditions, this device is fully matched and needs no external matching components.

  2. 10-52 MHz Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators: T51 Series

    Greenray presents the new Series T51 temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) that are designed for mobile applications requiring high shock and very tight stability. Available for operation in the 10 to 52 MHz frequency range, these TCXOs feature CMOS or clipped Sinewave output, and g-sensitivity of ≤7x10-11/g.

  3. Low Phase Noise VCXO-XO7013 Series

    MtronPTI offers the new XO7013 series of ultra-low phase noise VCXOs designed for use in telecommunication, instrumentation, avionics, and wireless applications. With LVCMOS output available, an absolute pull range greater than +/-20ppm, and operation over the -40 to +85 C temperature range, the XO7013 series is able to achieve industry leading phase-noise performance.

  4. YIG Oscillators With Best-In-Industry Low Phase Noise

    With a 30 year heritage in YIG technology, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has unsurpassed capabilities as your single source for YIG Oscillators and offers 'best in industry' low phase noise. TMS has a large, self-contained YIG manufacturing and R&D infrastructure that ensures continuous YIG innovations, including the industry's only YIG filter that "locks" to a desired signal. Additionally, TMS has invested extensively in Automated Test up to 50 GHz, and maintains an on-site environmental testing facility.

  5. Low Phase Noise OCXO: YH1485

    The YH1485 is an oven controlled oscillator (OCXO) that is designed with electronic frequency control (EFC) for precise tuning or phase locking applications. The YH1485 is available from 10 to 120 MHz with +10 dBm sinewave output, and features low phase noise down to -180dBc/Hz.

  6. Block Up Converters

    ETL Systems offers a new range of block up converters operating from the L-band to Ku-band. The compact, high power, non-inverting converters provide high stability conversion with PLL oscillators set at 9750 MHz or 10750 MHz.

  7. Voltage Controlled Oscillator: POS-150+

    Mini Circuits offers the POS-150+ voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) that is ideal for use in testing equipment such as signal generators with an operating frequency range from 75 MHz to 150 MHz. Highlights for this VCO include outstanding harmonic suppression of -23 dBc, a low load pull of 0.8 MHz, and up to 9.5 dbm of output power.

  8. 50 – 125 MHz Very Low Phase Noise TCXO: T1265 And T1266 Series

    Greenray presents the Series T1265 and T1266 temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs) that are designed for communications and instrumentation applications, as well as PLL or up-conversion applications. Available for operation in the 50 to 125 MHz frequency range, these TCXOs deliver OCXO-like performance without the input power requirements and warm-up characteristics. 

  9. Clock Oscillators: M2700 And M2702 Series

    MtronPTI offers the new M2700 and M2702 Series Clock Oscillators engineered with PLL technology, offering the advantage of programming to any frequency without compromising the system performance. These oscillators also feature outstanding performance and stability over the entire temperature range.

  10. Crystal Oscillators: ONYX Series

    ONYX Series crystal oscillators (OCXOs) offer low phase noise, temperature stability, and low acceleration sensitivity. With excellent phase noise performance during vibration, these OCXOs are ideal for an array of applications including military, airborne, ground, shipboard, testing, and base stations.