Isolators/Circulators Products

  1. Coaxial Circulator Supporting mmWave 5G Infrastructure Designs: D3C2731Q

    DiTom Microwave offers the D3C2731Q circulator covering Ka-band frequencies from 27 to 31 GHz with 20 dB of isolation. This circulator features a single-junction design, average power handing of 5W (30W peak), and an insertion loss of only 0.6 dB maximum to help preserve power in the mmWave bands. 

  2. 50 – 325 GHz Isolators And Circulators

    MicroHarmonics offers an array of Isolators and Circulators designed to operate in frequencies ranging from 50 to 325 GHz. The circulators are ideal for directing signal flow in transmit/received systems. Available Faraday rotation isolators may be used to suppress standing waves inside systems.