IDS Slideshow

  1. Aeronautical EMC/EMI Prediction And Measurement

    The IDS Aeronautical Division offers electromagnetic consultancy services covering a full range of prediction and measurement services such as antenna performance optimization, EMI and link budget assessment for simple and complex systems, and much more.

  2. RCS Prediction And Measurement

    The radar cross section (RCS) signature of a modern naval vessel must be taken into account during its design process to ensure that a ship is able to successfully perform its mission while maintaining its level of survivability while keeping its crew members safe. The IDS Naval Division and Laboratory design and test RCS systems including both RCS measurement and prediction systems with integrated solutions in response to growing market demands.

  3. Electromagnetic Design And Management

    IDS offers its expertise in electromagnetic and design management with the EMACS (Electromagnetic Control and Survey) software designed to apply advanced simulation techniques to assess the performance of communication, navigation, and surveillance systems. EMACS is composed of a modular set of validated 3D modeling and simulation tools specialized for working with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues.

  4. Array Design With Antenna Design Framework And Electromagnetic Satellite Capabilities

    IDS offers Antenna Design Framework and Electromagnetic Satellite (ADF-EMS) software for analyzing structures with a large number of elements to ensure excellent array performance. 

  5. Measurement Laboratory: State-Of-The-Art Measurement Systems And Capabilities

    The IDS Measurement Laboratory is focused on providing state-of-the-art measurement equipment, procedures, and test and survey capabilities. The Measurement Lab is designed to deliver many types of measurement services including electromagnetic, electro-optical (EO), and infrared.