Featured Articles

  1. Decontamination Protocols For Stainless Steel Medical Connectors

    This white paper provides an overview of parameters that define if a connector can withstand a contamination protocol, as well as the advantages of using Fisher Core Series Stainless Steel in recommended decontamination protocols.

  2. Fischer Connectors Introduces New Ultra-Sterile Connector: Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel

    Fischer Connectors introduces the new line of stainless steel connectors and cable assembly solutions – the Core Series Stainless Steel. These new circular connectors offer excellent chemical, temperature, and radiation resistance in severe environments found in nuclear or medical applications.

  3. Pin Socket Version Of Fischer MiniMax™ Series Now Commercially Available

    Fischer Connectors, a worldwide leader in push-pull circular connectors and cable assembly solutions, recently introduced the new pin socket version of the innovative Fischer MiniMax™ Series to the United States at the MD&M show in Anaheim, CA.

  4. Record Number Of Visitors For Fischer Connectors At Electronica 2014

    Fischer Connectors hit record attendance at Electronica 2014 in Munich, Germany from 11-14 November this year. The spectacular way of displaying the high performance push-pull connectors brought a large number of visitors to the Fischer Connectors booth.

  5. High-Speed Communication Protocols For Ethernet, USB & HDMI

    This white paper covers the USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, and IEEE 1394b communication protocols and Fischer Connectors’  products’ suitability for data transmission through said protocols.

  6. Environmentally Sealed Connectors

    Sealed connectors are used in many applications where leakage into or out of equipment must be avoided. This paper focuses on environmental sealing as encountered in many medical application areas.

  7. Understanding Connector Operating Voltage

    It can be difficult to determine exactly how much voltage a connector can safely carry as the effects of humidity, air pressure, or safety requirements need to be considered. This paper discusses the different conditions engineers may encounter that can impact operating voltage in the connectors they specify so that they’ll perform as expected, even in challenging environments.

  8. Trends In Fiber Optic Connector Cleaning

    This paper offers insight into cleaning and maintaining fiber optic connectors to ensure optimal performance, and also discusses new approaches to simplify field-cleaning and inspection in rugged fiber optic connectors.

  9. Rugged Connectors

    Rugged connectors are designed to withstand extreme conditions. This paper will educate you on types of rugged connectors available, where a rugged connector should be used, how to sterilize them, how they’re sealed, and much more.

  10. Communication Protocols for Body Worn Applications in Patient Care

    This white paper will give you an overview of the most relevant parameters that define if a cable assembly or a connector can withstand a defined data protocol.