Featured Articles

  1. Miniature High-Speed Data Connectivity: Fischer MiniMax™ Series Now Available With AWG24 Ethernet And IP68 Sealing Down To 20m/24h

    Fischer Connectors, the global connectivity solution provider of high-performance circular connector and cable assemblies, continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation in rugged miniaturization, high-speed data transmission, and sealing.

  2. Considerations For Connector Design In Mobile And Patient-Worn Medical Devices

    In medical device design, everything must be safe for both the patient and the operator, and often, devices face years of additional testing, so reducing any risks in the designer’s approach is extremely important. This white paper discusses the rising need for mobile and patient worn devices, and offers recommendations on the proper approach to designing interconnect solutions for these applications.

  3. The Increasing Impact Of Speed And Miniaturization On Rugged Connector Selection

    Design engineers are challenged to pump increasing amounts of data through smaller and smaller spaces. This paper provides a step-by-step process for rugged connector selection that takes the new realities engineers face today into consideration, such as speed and miniaturization.

  4. How Connectors Perform In Harsh Corrosive Environments

    It is important to understand the main factors driving corrosion, and how to make the best interconnection choices for a long-lasting and reliable solution. This white paper discusses the key factors in selecting the best connectivity options for even the most robust and corrosive application environments.

  5. Testing Fischer Fiber Optic Connectors At Cryogenic Temperatures

    Fischer Connectors tested the performance of a Fischer Fiber Optic Series connector at 1.9 Kelvin at CERN’s cryogenic facility (SM18) under the EuCARD-2 Transnational Access program. The test objective was to measure the robustness of the connector in the cryogenic environment. The Fischer connector was lined inside the sealed cryostat with the outside environment, and temperature was slowly reduced in the cryostat, cooling the helium inside to superfluid helium phase at 1.9 K.

  6. Fiber Optic Sensing

    The two types of sensing include local measurement points and distributed sensing. This paper presents the technical basics behind sensing over fiber technologies, its main applications, and the cabling solutions involved.

  7. High-Speed Communication Protocols For The Fischer MiniMax Series And Fischer UltiMate Series

    Types of communication protocols include signaling, authentication, and error detection and correction. This white paper outlines the most relevant parameters that determine whether a connector and/or a cable assembly can withstand a defined data protocol.

  8. Design Considerations To Meet Demand For Miniaturization Of Electronics In Military Applications

    It is imperative for military organizations to lighten the loads that soldiers carry into battle. Every piece of equipment must be able to improve communications, agility, and lethality for soldier reliability. Connector and cabling solutions have been identified as one place to make such improvements. 

  9. Seven Essentials For Rugged Connectors In Instrumentation Applications

    The use of measuring devices to monitor and control processes is critical for the smooth operation of large systems and is an integral part to the future of the IoT. This white paper presents seven considerations to keep in mind for engineering rugged connector solutions for the IoT.

  10. Smaller And Smarter: Fischer Connectors Expands Its Robust Fiberoptic Series With A New Single Fiber Optic Connectivity Solution

    Fischer Connectors recently launched its new single fiber optic connector (FO1) within its Fischer FiberOptic Series. This miniature, lightweight, rugged connectivity solution is easy to use and ensures premium performance even in harsh environments.