Featured Videos

  1. Understanding GaN Thermal Analysis

    In this video, Qorvo seeks to demonstrate how they determine the reliability and thermal resistance for GaN devices.

  2. Qorvo’s Eric Creviston Discusses The Future Of 5G At MWC 2018

    Smartphone OEMs will need to address new RF challenges as 5G NSA implementations are planned for the future. In this interview, Eric Creviston discusses what 5G means for smartphone users, OEMs, and Qorvo's plan for developing 5G solutions.

  3. 5G – Why It Is Massively Awesome

    5G – The ultra-reliable technology that increases connection speed everywhere! 5G makes use of technologies originally used for defense, like millimeter waves, massive MIMO and beamforming to fulfill the promise of universal connectivity.

  4. Qorvo's Infrastructure And Defense Products: We Connect And Protect

    Qorvo's IDP solutions and products are connecting and protecting what matters by enhancing the speed and reliability of smart car connectivity for safer, more efficient roads, and upgrading Wi-Fi capabilities to serve more devices with greater throughput than ever before. Qorvo’s low-power wireless technologies create seamless IoT networks for greater home security, control and energy management.

  5. When Does GaN Make Sense For Linear FEMs?

    At IMS 2017, Bror Peterson with Qorvo spoke with us about some of the trades that led his company to use GaN for linear FEMs for 5G phased array.

  6. GaN On Sic For Broadband Wireless From Qorvo®

    Defense and commercial customers often have the same needs for high reliability, power efficiency and cost effectiveness with high-volume GaN products. In this video, Dean White, Market Strategy Director, describes how Qorvo’s experience in defense products benefits commercial customers for broadband wireless applications, using gallium nitride on silicon carbide (GaN-on-SiC) products.

  7. Qorvo® Antenna Control Solutions

    Smartphone OEMs are continuously challenged with increasing data traffic that puts a strain on the phone's antenna, resulting in lower overall performance and battery life. Qorvo offers antenna solutions maximize antenna efficiency, and assist in delivering a flawless mobile user experience.

  8. Product Video: New Doherty Amplifiers From Qorvo

    At IMS 2016, senior RF applications engineer Tammy Ho with Qorvo showed us three new Doherty amplifiers and discussed how they’re being used in trials for 5G rollout in 2020.

  9. Qorvo's High Performance Mobile RF Solutions Enable Carrier Aggregation

    Carrier aggregation (CA) is a technique used to address challenges in the mobile ecosystems by combining multiple LTE carrier signals to increase data rates and improve network performance. CA allows increased data rates and improved network performance in uplink, downlink or both. This video presents Qorvo’s core RF solutions that enable carrier aggregation in next generation smartphones.

  10. GaN On SiC Advantage: Interview With Doug Reep, Sr. Director Of Research

    Video interview with Qorvo’s Director of Research as he discusses the advantages of GaN on SiC.