Featured Videos

  1. How To Bias GaN Transistors: An Introduction Tutorial

    This video offers an introductory tutorial and example of how to bias GaN transistors.

  2. Qorvo's Infrastructure And Defense Products: We Connect And Protect

    Qorvo's IDP solutions and products are connecting and protecting what matters by enhancing the speed and reliability of smart car connectivity for safer, more efficient roads, and upgrading Wi-Fi capabilities to serve more devices with greater throughput than ever before. Qorvo’s low-power wireless technologies create seamless IoT networks for greater home security, control and energy management.

  3. GaN On SiC Advantage: Interview With Doug Reep, Sr. Director Of Research

    Video interview with Qorvo’s Director of Research as he discusses the advantages of GaN on SiC.

  4. Where GaN and Defense Interconnect: A Roundtable Discussion

    This video is a discussion of GaN technology and how it is in position to interconnect with military and commercial markets.

  5. Microwave Journal Interview: Qorvo Set To Double GaN Capacity With 6” Wafers

    This video announces Qorvo's new plan to double their GaN capacity by converting their 4" wafers to 6" wafers, and how they plan to make this transition as successful as possible.