Featured Videos

  1. Video Review Of The 855 Series GUI - Synchronized Frequency And Power Sweeps

    BNC’s 855 Series RF/Microwave Signal Generators offer significant advantages over multiple instruments synchronized to a common trigger, including ultra-low phase noise, fast switching, and an easy GUI for benchtop applications. Up to 8 outputs are available with phase-coherent 20 GHz signals. This video tutorial will step through the provided GUI and explain setup of multi-channel synchronized sweeps using imported lists or manual sweep point entries.

  2. Webinar: Disruptive Phase Noise Measurement Technology – The Next Evolution Of Instrumentation

    This webinar discusses phase noise, what it is, where it comes from, and why new test systems are advancing the performance of high frequency electronics.  Measuring DUTs has never been this fun!

  3. How To Greatly Simplify Phase Noise Measurements Of Pulsed Singles

    Users can make fast and accurate measurements of single sideband residual and additive phase noise, amplitude noise, and baseband noise with the BNC Model 7300 Signal Source Analyzer. This video provides a brief introduction on how to simplify the absolute phase noise measurement of a pulsed signal.