Featured Videos

  1. Altair Compose For Generation Of Antenna Array Excitations

    This video demonstration will show how Altair Compose allows the automatic generation of antenna ray excitations with seamless calculations.

  2. What’s The Secret To Product Innovation?

    The Altair HyperWorks licensing scheme provides access to solutions for modelling and visualization, all types of physics simulation and optimization.

  3. FEKO Student Competition 2017

    Altair announces the annual 2017 FEKO Student Competition in support of engineering education. This competition is open to all under-graduate and post-graduate students who are using FEKO throughout the globe.

  4. Broad Portfolio Of Physics

    This video presents Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair's CTO for Solvers and Optimization, discussing the latest technology in CFD and Electromagnetics. Other topics include coupling of solvers and the growing options for performing multiphysics, and mentioned products include the AcuSolve, FEKO and ultraFluidX/nanoFluidX.

  5. Simulation Driven Innovation

    This video clip features Altair's CTO for Solvers and Optimization, Dr. Uwe Schramm, talking about how HyperWorks 14.0 leverages the latest HPC and cloud resources to maximize solver's performance.