Featured News

  1. Altair Acquires SIMSOLID

    Altair has acquired SIMSOLID, a company founded by asking a simple question: “Why does the geometry used in the Design and Structural Simulation worlds have to be so different?” SIMSOLID works on full-fidelity CAD assemblies to provide fast, accurate, and robust structural simulation without requiring geometry simplification, cleanup, or meshing. Its underlying technology is based largely on the work of Dr. Victor Apanovitch, a former professor at Belarus Polytechnic University and the cofounder of SIMSOLID Corporation.

  2. World-Class Keynotes, Customer Presentations, and Technical Seminars: Final Agenda Available for 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference

    Altair announces the final agenda, including additional speakers, for its 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference, taking place at the Palais des Congrès d’Issy in Paris, France from October 16 –18. Volvo Cars, LG, ClassNK, and Team Tao are the latest additions to an impressive list of keynote presentations by Ferrari, Harvard Business School and Zaha Hadid. The world’s leading digital event will offer in-depth workshops, deep technical sessions and keynote presentations on the latest trends in Design for 3D printing, generative design, multi-disciplinary optimization, IoT and the digital twin, e-mobility, and machine learning.

  3. Altair Introduces Altair Inspire And Altair 365

    Altair announced the release and immediate availability of the Altair Inspire™ simulation-driven design platform, and the Altair 365™ cloud collaboration platform.  The Altair Inspire platform enables manufacturers to leverage simulation to drive the entire design process, accelerating the pace of innovation and reducing time-to-market. 

  4. Altair Introduces New Licensing Model For The solidThinking Software Suite

    Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR) announced the introduction of a new software licensing model for its solidThinking suite of simulation-driven design software.  Based off of Altair’s patented units-based licensing model popularized through Altair HyperWorks™, solidThinking Units (sTUs) will share similar and distinct advantages enabling SMB customers and the design engineering community to drive product innovation with simulation. 

  5. Altair Launches Global Startup Program For New Tech And Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs

    Altair announced the immediate availability of its simulation-driven innovation™ software to qualified startup companies through its newly formed Altair Startup Program.  Tailored specifically to the unique needs of the startup community, the global program offers preferential pricing for its simulation-driven design, computer-aided engineering, cloud computing and Internet of Things software solutions.  The program also provides no-cost expert consulting to quickly ramp-up startup organizations with the industry’s leading multi-physics optimization platform, Altair HyperWorks™, used by thousands of manufacturers worldwide.

  6. World-Class Speakers, Premier Presentations - 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference Keynotes And Agenda Announced

    Altair announces initial keynote presentations and overall agenda for its 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference, taking place at the Palais des Congrès d’Issy in Paris, France from October 16 –18. Featuring keynotes and industry presentations from Airbus, Ferrari, Alstom, Renault, Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Zaha Hadid, BMW, Schneider Electric, and many others, this year's event is expected to be the premier event in Simulation-Driven Innovation.

  7. Nominations Now Being Accepted For The 16th Annual FEKO Student Competition

    Altair once again invites engineering students from across the globe to participate in the 16th annual FEKO® Student Competition.  The competition seeks under-graduate and post-graduate students who have worked on a supervised project in electromagnetic engineering using FEKO, Altair's comprehensive electromagnetic (EM) analysis software suite.

  8. Electromagnetics Software Release Targets e-Mobility And Communications Markets

    Altair has released the 2018 versions of leading electromagnetic (EM) simulation software FEKO®, WinProp®, Flux® and FluxMotor®. These electromagnetic solver tools, part of Altair’s HyperWorks®, The Platform for Innovation™, are widely used to accelerate the global design process for the automotive, aerospace, defense, communications, consumer electronics, energy, and healthcare industries.

  9. 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference To Be Held In Paris, France

    Altair will hold its 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference at the Palais des Congrès in Issy, Paris, France from October 16 –18. This year’s event will focus on sharing amazing applications of Simulation-Driven Innovation from technology leaders and industry executives from all over the world.

  10. Altair Partner Alliance Expands Software Offering in 2017, Growth To Continue In 2018

    Altair Engineering Inc. (Nasdaq:ALTR) is pleased to announce the addition of twelve new partner products  to The Altair Partner Alliance (APA) software offering in 2017 with more to come in 2018. The APA expanded their offering in several domains including human modeling, additive manufacturing, electromagnetics, multi-physics, CFD and more. As of the end of 2017, the APA had a total of 52 partners providing 72 engineering software solutions.