Featured Downloads

  1. SENCITY Omni-S MIMO Flyer

    The SENCITY Omni-S MIMO is a configurable cabinet mount antenna designed specifically for applications in harsh environments such as on street cabinets, distributed boxes, or industrial vehicles. It supports 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi MIMO, and GPS/Glonass, and can be customized for built-to-order configurations.

  2. Wireless Infrastructure DAS/Small Cells RF Product Catalog

    The growing number of smart mobile devices is challenging the capacity of wireless networks. The most efficient technique to increase capacity is to re-use frequency by installing significantly more cell sites. HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of antenna and connector solutions for IBC/DAS/small cell applications. 

  3. In-Building Coverage (IBC) Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Brochure

    HUBER+SUHNER implements innovative solutions for the high demands of multi-band Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) for In-Building Coverage (IBC) through their broadband in-door antennas. These antenna products feature high sustainability, low PIM, high performance connectivity, and are able to support wireless public safety services above 380 MHz.

  4. Multiport Solutions Brochure

    HUBER+SUHNER offers multiport solutions for industrial applications with restricted spaces, and are good for use in the field and under rough environmental conditions. Benefits include a wide range of low and high RF frequency options, fiber optic options, and high durability and reliability.

  5. Hermetically Sealed RF Connectors Brochure

    The hermetically sealed RF connectors from HUBER+SUHNER are optimized for applications where ingress or loss of liquid, air, or gas is not acceptable and must be avoided at all times. Hermetically sealed connectors come with several mounting alternatives, both male and female flanges with O-rings, and several different interface options.

  6. Coaxial Connectors: 4.3-10 Series Brochure

    HUBER+SUHNER’s 4.3-10 series of coaxial connectors are ideal for use in new base stations, distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cell applications, and for in-building architecture applications.

  7. HUBER+SUHNER Semper Brochure

    HUBER+SUHNER’s patented Semper is the world’s first self-extinguishing lightning protector. This device’s Semper technology enhances the safety and reliability of the well-known, proven gas discharge tube (GDT) principle. The lightning protector can be used for many applications including DC transmission for remote powering, transmitting high RF power, tower mount amplifiers/repeaters, point-to-point/multi-point radios, and remote installations.

  8. High Digital Testing Solutions

    HUBER+SUHNER manufactures and supplies RF test components and assemblies optimized for high-speed digital testing. They offer coaxial-to-PCB transitions and cable solutions including technical support, libraries of 3D files, electrical modeling data, and customer specific optimized footprints.

  9. Resistive Components Catalog

    HUBER+SUHNER offers an extensive range of high–quality, resistive components and systems for electrical and optical connectivity. They offer technical expertise in radio frequency technology, fiber optics, and low frequencies for applications in communications, industrial, and transportation markets. This short form catalog presents an overview of their resistive components including fixed attenuators, terminators, low passive intermodulation components, and other special components.

  10. Lightning Protection Catalog

    H&S has over four decades of experience in developing and manufacturing lightning EMP and NEMP protectors, and uses an extensive high-voltage impulse laboratory to verify designs in accordance with the valid international lighting, surge, and NEMP standards.