1. GaN Low-Noise Amplifiers

    The new Low-Noise Amplifiers from TriQuint cover the 2-12 GHz frequency range. These three models of amplifiers provide high overall electrical performance, and a high level of input power robustness to allow for more flexibility in designing the receive chain circuit protection.

  2. GaN on SiC Power Transistors

    Qorvo offers a large range of GaN on SiC power transistors as premiere solutions for GaN needs. These discrete power amplifiers are available in models that cover frequency ranges from DC-18 GHz. With a range of linear gain between 16.6 – 21 dB, and a saturated output power range between 37 and 54.2 dBm, these devices are ideal for a wide variety of broadband wireless, space, and military applications.

  3. GaN Switches

    Qorvo offers a series of four single-pole, double throw (SPDT) reflective GaN switches with operating frequency ranges between 0.5 and 18 GHz. These devices maintain low insertion loss and high isolation, making them ideal for low and high power switching applications.

  4. GaN Power Amplifiers

    Qorvo offers a broad series of GaN Power Amplifiers covering wideband, S-band, C-band, X-band, Ku-band, and Ka-band frequencies. The GaN amplifiers are designed using TriQuint’s GaN on SiC production process that provides superior performance while maintaining high reliability. Devices are housed in a low-cost, surface mount QNF design, or packaged in a CuW-base, flanged package for excellent thermal management. Typical applications include commercial and military radar, satellite communications, electronic warfare, and SATCOM terminals. All power amplifiers are lead-free and RoHS compliant. Evaluation Boards are available on request.

    For more features, specifications, and block diagrams on the many models of GaN power amplifiers, download the available datasheets.