Cables / Connectors Case Studies and White Papers

  1. Cable Connector Seals May Determine The Life Of Your Systems

    This white paper presents numerous environmental challenges, such as the ability of connectors to seal out dust, dirt, and water, which must be addressed by cable connector manufacturers, along with a variety of standards that possibly need to be met.

  2. How To Test An RF Coaxial Cable Using A Vector Network Analyzer

    RF coaxial cables can be used to ensure the integrity of measurements taken by Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) and other test equipment. Ideal cables are able to transfer maximum RF energy while incurring as small amounts as possible. 

  3. Design Considerations To Meet Demand For Miniaturization Of Electronics In Military Applications

    It is imperative for military organizations to lighten the loads that soldiers carry into battle. Every piece of equipment must be able to improve communications, agility, and lethality for soldier reliability. Connector and cabling solutions have been identified as one place to make such improvements. 

  4. Understanding Cable And Antenna Analysis

    A problematic base station can be replaced, but a cable and antenna system is not so easy to replace. This article covers fundamentals of cable and antenna analysis measurements: return loss, cable loss, and distance-to-fault (DTF).

  5. Care And Handling Of Cable Assemblies And Connectors

    Cable assemblies are critical to obtaining correct test results and signal integrity in many applications. Proper care and handling of cable assemblies and connector interfaces is critical for insuring accurate operation.