1. Aerospace and Defense Brochure

    Aerospace and defense industries depend on precision systems operating faultlessly under extreme conditions. Skyworks’ RF/microwave products support applications including avionics systems, electronic defense and countermeasure platforms, global positioning devices and land mobile radios.

  2. Technical Ceramics For Antenna Solutions Brochure

    Skyworks offers a wide variety of ceramics and specialty materials available for antenna applications. These include an entire suite of dielectric materials (D-125, D-73XX, D-9000 and the MCT series), as well as hexagonal ferrites for high frequency magneto-dielectric antennas. Skyworks also delivers an enhanced Co2 Z material when higher Q values for the 300–700 MHz range are required.

  3. Technical Ceramics For Dielectric And Magnetic Materials Brochure

    Skyworks offers a complete line of high quality, low-cost ceramic-based materials for a number of RF and microwave markets including wireless communications, infrastructure, military, cable television and broadband access. Their portfolio includes dielectric resonators and coaxial transmission line elements for dielectric resonator oscillator (DRO) and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) applications, ceramic bandpass filters, ferrite and garnet material for circulators/isolators, and advanced materials in technical powders or ingot form.

  4. Skyworks Automotive Brochure

    Skyworks offers groundbreaking in-vehicle technologies with seamless connectivity to make the driving experience increasingly smarter and safer. Their suite of communication technologies and products are designed to support standards between full automotive grade AEC and consumer grade JEDEC.

  5. Mobile Antenna Solutions Brochure

    Skyworks is at the forefront of developing revolutionary solutions as global demand for emerging 5G applications rapidly expands. Skyworks mobile antenna solutions are designed to create highly configurable and customizable architectures that reduce complexity deliver unparalleled levels of integration and superior analog performance.

  6. CATV Solutions Brochure

    Skyworks offers a wide range of solutions that address the CATV market, enabling the delivery of high speed data channels and content to subscribers around the world. Their goal is to supply products that support an ever increasing demand for data requirements, and combine world-class performance with industry-leading reliability.

  7. Enabling A Connected World – Sustainability Brochure

    Skyworks Solutions, Inc. works to engage in a systematic process to establish and implement standards of performance within labor, environment, health and safety, ethics, and management system markets. The company’s Sustainability Council is a cross-functional management team that establishes performance objectives that drive improvements throughout the organization. This brochure reports the evaluated performance of objectives and details the improvements being made.

  8. Internet Of Things: Solutions For A Connected World

    Skyworks presents innovative Internet of Things (IoT) product solutions for a wide range of applications including automotive, connected home, industrial, machine-to-machine, medical, mobile devices, and wearables.

  9. RF Components for Wearable Technology

    Skyworks offers a variety of front end modules and low noise amplifiers for integration into wearable devices like fitness trackers, smart scales, sport watches, and smart watches. These components are designed to pack high-performance semiconductors into compact and lightweight devices while helping to solve complex analog designs typically encountered in wearable technology.