Articles by Jof Enriquez

  1. The Week In 5G: 10/9/2018 – Huawei Claims Ban Will Delay U.S. 5G Deployment; 5G Threatens Cable Broadband Monopoly

    Huawei pleads its case in the U.S., Verizon targets competitors' broadband dominance, Seattle takes the fight to the FCC, and spectrum auction costs continue to spiral out of control, all in this edition of The Week In 5G. 

  2. The Week In 5G: 10/2/2018 – Verizon's 5G Network Goes Live, FCC Hell-Bent On 5G Dominance

    Verizon's four-city 5G rollout in the U.S. has begun, the FCC passed rules to stifle local governments' authority regarding infrastructure placement and fees, spectrum auctions in the EU are pricier than expected, and Huawei scores wins in Russian and Monaco, all in this edition of The Week in 5G!

  3. The Week In 5G: 9/25/2018 – FCC Sets Tighter Deadlines And Fee Caps On Localities, Vodafone Makes UK's First Holographic Call

    The FCC clamps down on local governments; spectrum auctions heat up in Germany and India; Intel, Huawei, and Samsung share hardware news; and Trump's tariff war casts a cloud over U.S. 5G rollouts, all in this edition of The Week in 5G!

  4. The Week In 5G: 9/18/2018 – Ericsson Says US Leads 5G Race, Verizon Rolls Out First 5G Home Internet, German Firms Want Speedier 5G Deployment

    Germany and France look toward 5G frequency licenses, India joins the U.S. and Australia in spurning Huawei, Verizon pushes for more U.S. firsts, and more, all in The Week In 5G. 

  5. The Week In 5G: 9/11/2018 – AT&T Makes First Wireless Standards-Compliant 5G mmWave Connection, Verizon Claims First OtA Data Transmission On Commercial 5G NR Network

    This week sees another salvo of "5G firsts" and rollouts from competing wireless carriers in the United States.

  6. The Week In 5G: 8/28/2018 – Australia Bans Huawei, Africa Launches First Commercial 5G Network, India Expects $1 Trillion Windfall From 5G

    Samsung's next Galaxy will be 5G capable; the next iPhone won't. Nokia makes a major investment in its 5G development, Germany prepares for a contentious frequency auction, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G!

  7. The Week In 5G: 8/14/2018 – FCC Claims US Poised To Win 5G Race, New Report Suggests China Has The Edge

    FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr says the United States is in "great shape" to win the global 5G race, but China has more cell sites and has heavily outspent the U.S. on infrastructure; Ericsson ups its U.S. commitment; and the Philippines gets its first 5G test network, all in today's The Week In 5G

  8. The Week In 5G: 8/8/2018 – FCC Implements 'One-Touch, Make-Ready' Pole Access, Vows To Preempt Local Laws Blocking 5G Deployment

    The FCC is moving to drop barriers to 5G deployment in the U.S., Motorola touts phones' bolt-on 5G capability, and Australia preps for a spectrum auction, all in today's The Week in 5G!

  9. The Week In 5G: 7/31/2018 — Nokia and T-Mobile US Ink $3.5 Billion Deal, Ericsson and NTT DoCoMo’s Test Vehicle Glass-Mounted Antenna

    Nokia will supply T-Mobile US with 5G hardware, software, and services; Verizon still intends to roll out 5G in the second half of 2018; Huawei's 5G phone needs a bigger battery, and more, on the Week in 5G!

  10. The Week In 5G: 6/29/2018 – Finland's Elisa Claims 'World's First' 5G Network, 3.5 GHz Band Key To US 5G Deployment, Asian Manufacturers Prep 5G Devices

    Another telco claims the "world's first" commercial 5G network, a tug-of-war takes place in the U.S. over the 3.5 GHz band, and new 5G technology debuts at MWC Shanghai, all in this edition of the Week in 5G!