1. Low Noise, Low Current Amplifier: SKY67015-396LF

    This low noise amplifier (LNA) covers the 0.03 to 0.3 GHz frequency range and features low NF (0.8 dB @150 MHz), 18.5 dB @150MHz gain, a flexible supply voltage from 1.8 to 5.0V, improved NF and linearity, and an adjustable supply current for higher IIP3.

  2. Step-Down Regulator for Multi-Band/Mode RF Power Amplifiers: SKY87000

    The SKY87000 is a step-down regulator with auto-bypass LDO for multi-band and multi-mode RF power amplifiers. It features a 2.7 to 5.5 V input voltage range, a 0.4 V to 4.25 V dynamic output voltage, an internally compensated current/mode architecture, an integrated 85mΩ bypass regulator, and much more.

  3. VGAs for LTE and WCDMA Infrastructure

    These low noise, variable gain amplifiers (VGAs) are ideal for low noise/high linearity systems and LTE/WCDMA infrastructure applications. Three different models are available with frequencies as low as 814 MHz and as high as 915 MHz. Each model has a 35 dB gain and 3 dBm input IP3 (SKY65370-11 has a  6 dBm input IP3). Download the datasheets below for additional specifications and information on features.

  4. High Linearity Amplifier Driver: SKY67130-396LF

    This high linearity amplifier driver operates in the 0.7 to 2.7 GHz frequency range and is ideal for LTE,CDMA, WCDMA, and TD-SCDMA cellular infrastructures, linear amplifier systems requiring high OIP3 with extremely low current, and 2.7 to 5.0 V WLAN driver power amplifiers and cellular repeater systems.

  5. Power Amplifiers for Mobile Applications: SkyHi™

    Skyworks is pleased to introduce its SkyHi™ family of 3 x 3 millimeter high efficiency power amplifier modules (PAMs) with best-in-class efficiencies for smartphones requiring high data rates.  The PAMs are optimized for all CDMA, WCDMA, and LTE mobile devices such as handsets, tablets, and data cards with DC/DC or average power tracking.  These products offer unique over-voltage protection, integrated daisy-chain coupler, 0.6 dB noise figure, 48 % PAE (typical), and low Vcc1 that maximizes battery savings. Each power amplifier module is packaged in a compact, 10-pin MCM 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm package.”

  6. Power Amplifier Modules: SkyHi™

    SkyHi™ Power Amplifier Modules improves efficiency in mobile platforms.