Feature Articles

  1. The “Warrior Ethos” Of Restructuring EW

    As the US Air Force restructures its electronic warfare (EW) efforts, its EW Enterprise Capabilities Collaboration Team (ECCT) continues to address prior complaints that the USAF’s EW mission/tools weren’t organized enough to stand up to our Cold War adversaries. As a result, the USAF will appoint an electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) expert or “champion” to its Air Staff – among other EWrelated tactics.

  2. CST Studio Suite Simulations Replace Prototype Builds For Convergentia

    Convergentia, the world’s first “virtual build factory,” provides virtual prototyping services to customers in the consumer electronics market and many other industries. 

  3. eASIC Reduces Multi-Level Package Design Times with CST Microwave Studio

    This case study explains how CST MICROWAVE STUDIO electromagnetic simulation software helped predict the behavior of an eASIC integrated circuit and its package and PCB layout in the design phase.

  4. Stuck In the Middle: How To Choose Your Next Band Pass Filter

    For an RF application, it is important to consider the advantages, disadvantages, and trade-offs of each piece of technology used. This white paper delves into the many considerations for choosing the best band pass filter for your next application and offers guidance for what to look for in each decision.

  5. Millimeter-Wave Axial Choke Horn Antenna With Lens

    Various applications exist in the mmWave range, including wide band telecommunication and imaging applications for security screening. This white paper demonstrates how an antenna was designed for communication at 60 GHz.

  6. 4 Things To Know About Antenna Tuning In 4G/5G Smartphones

    Current trends in smartphone industrial design and RF requirements mean that smartphones must fit more antennas into less space and/or increase the bandwidth of existing antennas. This article introduces four key elements to understand about antenna tuning in 4G and 5G mobile devices.

  7. EMC Test System Power Amplifier Checks

    This article describes a test procedure where the small signal performance data of an amplifier is gathered and checked against previously recorded data. This is a fault-finding step that establishes the health of the preamplifier.

  8. Multichannel Radar Signal Emulator (MRSE) System For Testing Radar In Space Applications

    D-TA Systems’ 4-channel standard MRSE-2000 system is designed to provide a phase coherent multichannel radar signal emulator platform that could simulate the backscatter returns from a distant flying target to a multiple channel radar system. 

  9. Redefining 5G New Radio Drive Testing

    As 5G NR networks are deployed, live network testing is needed to ensure network coverage and Quality of Experience (QoE). In addition, QoE testing in 5G NR will get more complicated due to changes in the network architecture. This means traditional testing will not reflect the true service quality as seen by an application. QoE field testing will need to be tested at the application layer to address the 5G NR QoE measurement challenge and translate the user experience into measurable KPIs.

  10. Constellation Diagrams: The Fault In Our Stars

    Constellation diagrams are 2D graphical representations of digitally modulated signals.  They are used for the display and analysis of digitally modulated waveforms and provide valuable insight into the performance of a digital communication system.