Feature Articles

  1. When Reliability Is Paramount: Selecting Capacitors For Life-Critical Applications

    Strict guidelines place more weight on reliability grade, size, and durability over other common parameters of importance for consumer electronics. This white paper explores regulation, testing procedures, and supplier considerations to assist in choosing the best components for each medical application. 

  2. Anticipating The Next Revolution In Engineering Simulation

    Design simulations have accelerated the journey from RF product conception to market launch, slashed development costs and increased product reliability. However, conventional simulation software does have its limitations. In order to usher in a new era of simulation “democratization” a new generation of software is needed. New software solutions will allow companies to apply simulation in a more flexible manner, improve the accuracy of the development process, enable multiple physics to be studied simultaneously, and increase collaboration and best-practice adoption. 

  3. Protecting The Sky: Signal Monitoring Of Radio Controlled Civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicles And Possible Countermeasures

    This white paper discusses the use, specifications, and impact of radio-controlled UAVs. UAVs intended for recreational use are increasingly being used for other purposes, including observing/disturbing public events, spying in protected areas, smuggling contraband into prisons, and more. 

  4. How To Verify Beamformer ICs For Phased Array Antennas

    Beamforming using phased array antennas is a common technology for radar and electronic warfare in the aerospace and defense industry. In satellite communications and 5G NR, phased array beamforming is becoming a default concept. Integrated RF beamforming ICs include phase and gain adjustment per path as well as amplification capabilities for the TX and RX channels. Such beamformer ICs support four or more antenna elements from one input signal. Full characterization and calibration requires simultaneous assessment of all ports. This article discusses the process of verification for these beamformer ICs for phased array antennas.

  5. 10 Signal Generator Features You’re Probably Paying Too Much For

    When budgets are tight, engineers and test techs are often urged to buy only what is needed. The dilemma presented is then a decision over the number of pieces of new equipment they need vs. the feature set of their finished test stand. The complexities of this decision are further compounded in companies developing radar and wireless network systems, which involve multiple and complex signal paths that require distinct signal sources. This white paper will provide an overview of the features and flexibility to look for in a self-programmable signal generator to meet the desired outcomes with the total budget you have for your bench.

  6. Why Is RF Filtering So Important?

    Why is RF filtering so important? Simply put, filters reduce the interference in the environment that affects the performance of the communication system and reduce the interference caused by the communication system.

  7. Forward Or Flyback? Which Is Better?

    Which is better – forward or flyback? The answer turns out to be both! This article discusses the characteristics of active clamp forward and continuous conduction flyback isolated power supply technologies and demonstrates the design and performance trade-offs of each.

  8. 28 nm Analog-To-Digital Converters Enable Next-Generation Electronic Warfare Receiver Systems

    This white paper focuses on how 28 nm ADC enable faster sample rates, wider analog input bandwidth, integrated digital functionality, and new receiver architectures, all while reducing power consumption and overall size.

  9. Physical Size Allocations For RF Electronics In Digital Beamforming Phased Arrays

    There are many challenges associated with the migration to near elemental digital beamforming ranging from calibration, digital control, distribution of clocks, LO, power, processing the volume of data, and the physical size constraints of the electronics. This white paper focuses on the physical size requirements for the electronics in digital beamforming phased arrays. The physical size requirements as a function of the operating frequency are discussed, and practical implementation methods are reviewed.

  10. Considerations For Connector Design In Mobile And Patient-Worn Medical Devices

    This white paper discusses the rising need for mobile and patient-worn devices, and offers recommendations on the proper approach to designing interconnect solutions for these applications.