Feature Articles

  1. Real-Time Situational Awareness In Test And Evaluation

    Verifying systems performance for a sensor, such as a radar or an ECM system, under multiple operational conditions, is a demanding task. It includes extensive testing on the bench, in a lab environment, and out on the range before the sensor can be certified for combat use.

  2. Webinar: First-Time-Right Design Of Matching Circuits For Complex Antenna And RF Applications

    Antenna and RF design often need matching circuits to widen the operation bandwidth and to increase the performance of wireless systems. In the design of these matching circuits, many factors can cause the performance of the manufactured matching circuit to differ from the simulated performance. This webinar identifies the sources of discrepancy between measurements and simulation and demonstrates a first-time-right design flow of matching circuit using the FEKO electromagnetic solver and the Optenni Lab RF Design Automation Platform.

  3. Multi-Physics Design And Optimization Of A Complex Radar System

    Today’s products are a combination of advanced technologies that mix electrical parts with controllers and embedded software. A model-based development approach is used to efficiently manage products through concept studies, control design, multi-domain system simulation and optimization.

  4. RF Filtering For 5G Millimeter Wave Applications

    This white paper presents and discusses some of the areas of 5G communications that will be implemented in the millimeter wave (mmWave) region of the RF spectrum. The paper will also offer a guide for available RF filtering options at these frequencies, review mmWave frequencies and their applications, and cover what filtering technologies will be available for use at mmWave frequencies.

  5. How One Military Plane Fights California Wildfires

    The California Air National Guard used the MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to help fight the Carr and Mendocino wildfires by capturing bird’s eye images and videos of the damage. 

  6. Role Call: Senior Software Engineer

    Role Call, a series on RF Globalnet, takes a “peek behind the curtain” to help answer the questions related to different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Recently, Pat Lyons, Senior Software Engineer/LabVIEW Developer at In-Phase Technologies, Inc., took time to answer some questions about his occupation.

  7. Lessons For Our Fight Against Subtle Sexism

    If we're to address subtle sexism, we don’t just need a plan for how to react -- we need a plan to draw a line in the sand, so we know when it’s been crossed. If victims can identify these moments, then they can react to them. Even harassers likely have challenges understanding where the line is after they’ve seen it crossed for so long without regard. 

  8. Today’s RF Semiconductor Landscape is Changing – Why?

    What are the driving forces behind today’s rapidly changing RF semiconductor landscape? This article delves into the two major driving factors of change in the industry: the desire for ubiquitous sensing and the demand for more and better connectivity.

  9. Q&A With David Lu, VP, D2 Platform & Systems Development, AT&T

    In June, David Lu discussed his company’s perspectives on 5G services — as well as his own — at IMS 2018’s 5G Summit in Philadelphia. Here, he delves a little bit deeper into 5G’s development and future, and discusses his own career.

  10. EM Simulation Of 28 GHz Series-Fed Patch Antenna Array For 5G

    Series-fed patch elements forming an array are simulated to demonstrate antenna performance and beamforming including S-parameters, gain, and effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP) at 28 GHz. Beam steering is performed in one plane by adjusting the phasing at the input ports to each of eight elements.