Feature Articles

  1. The Journey Of A Signal: Optimize Your Signal Analysis Measurements

    What happens to the signal of your device once it enters the signal analyzer? This white paper walks through the high-level design of a signal analyzer and how this knowledge can be used to avoid mistakes and make optimum measurements.

  2. How To Digitalize Effectively For IoT

    Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to mature and organizations across many sectors are facing the challenges of scaling up from small, trial deployments and proof of concepts into mainstream, high volume consumer deployments.

  3. Utilizing Modern Day MPMs For High-Power And High-Efficiency

    The first MPM, developed in the early 1990s, used a solid-state driver amplifier, based on MMICs or discrete RF power transistors, to drive a mini traveling-wave tube (mini-TWT), and combined these devices with a power supply and control circuits in a very compact enclosure.

  4. Low-Cost EMI Pre-Compliance Testing Using A Spectrum Analyzer

    This application note provides an overview of EMI compliance testing, pre-compliance testing, and the measurement regulations. It also presents test setups using Tektronix's RSA306 and similar products used to perform both radiated and conducted emission measurements.

  5. Connectivity For Next-Generation Mobility

    Powertrain electrification and automation are the key technology drivers that will ultimately lead to a new generation of all-electric, fully autonomous vehicles. At the same time, with the emergence of new business models, utilizing cloud and big data technologies, there will be a shift away from car ownership towards mobility services provided by new types of vehicle fleet operating companies. This white paper describes TE Connectivity’s vision for the next generation of mobility and its impact on vehicle architectures. It also shares how TE’s technology and portfolio address critical connectivity challenges the industry is experiencing.

  6. Researchers Tune Into Simulation To Develop World’s Smallest TV Antenna

    Transmitting broadcast signals to remote areas can be challenging. That is why the Center for Research and Applied Sciences (CIICAp) at the University of Morelos, Mexico (UAEM), embarked on a project to improve antenna signal stability. 

  7. Defense Or Civil Radar – It’s A Matter Of Wave Propagation

    This white paper discusses the design challenges faced and the solutions available for today’s radar needs, both for defense and civil applications.

  8. MIMO System Simulation In WinProp

    This white paper presents and discusses practical examples of communication simulations involving MIMO technology. It also discusses two workflows existing for MIMO simulations and presents an example with relevant results for each.

  9. How To Use FEKO With HyperMesh

    Users who would like to make use of the benefits of the advanced meshing features of HyperMesh while solving the electromagnetic aspects of the problem in FEKO, have several options to transfer the mesh from HyperMesh to CADFEKO.  

  10. Choosing RF Switches For High-Power Applications

    There are several types of switches for radio frequency applications to choose from. Picking the right switch is a question of figuring out what speed, power levels, and lifetime you need.