Feature Articles

  1. The Future Of EMC Test Laboratory Capabilities

    The complexity of modern day electronics has resulted in the need for better EMI diagnostic capabilities at EMC test laboratories to combat the increase in EMI compliance failure rates. One solution is to use real-time mode which enables visualization of the spectrum to provide insight in the identification of the source of failing EMI emissions. This white paper describes the cause of the shift in failure rate that many companies are experiencing, the need for increased speed in testing, and the revolutionary EMI diagnostic capability built into modern EMI receivers.

  2. Role Call: Senior Staff Packaging Engineer

    Role Call, a series on RF Globalnet, takes a “peek behind the curtain” to help answer the questions related to different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry.  Recently, Mumtaz Bora, Senior Staff Packaging Engineer at pSemi, took time to answer some questions about her occupation.

  3. Understanding Robust Wireless Communications For Industry 4.0

    The Smart Industry, or Industry 4.0 is the new industrial revolution where existing systems are networked together to create cyber-physical systems. Industry 4.0 is built on a reliable communications infrastructure enabling data extraction from machines, factories, and field devices to be sent to the cloud for aggregation and processing. For good connectivity in these industrial ecosystems, reliable radio connections are critical, yet challenging. This white paper discusses the importance of creating reliable wireless communications systems for Industry 4.0, and offers considerations for improving network coverage.

  4. EMI/EMC And Co-Existence Simulation Methodology For High Performance Digital, Mixed Signal, And RF Wireless Products

    Designs for high-performance electronics systems, including chip-package-board and mechanical surrounding, have increased in complexities, and complying with EMI/EMC standards has become challenging. With some issues, fixing the EMI/EMC problems requires a product redesign that delays mass-production. This white paper challenges the achievements in the development of a new simulation methodology to estimate, investigate and address radiated EMI/EMC/Co-existence issues.

  5. A Comprehensive Guide To Active Antennas (Or, “Beamforming 101”)

    This article discusses the basic active antenna beamforming concepts that form the heart of the mmWave 5G system, as well as the general beamforming architectures used in active antennas.

  6. Understanding The Basics Of MIMO Communication Technology

    MIMO (multiple-in, multiple-out) technology is an ideal solution for communications applications where a clear line-of-site is harder to achieve, and the abundance of RF and microwave systems can pose interference issues. This white paper covers a range of topics on the basics of MIMO communications for readers of all technical levels.

  7. How The Fabless Business Model Can Drive innovation, Capacity To RF Filter Industry

    “It’s not much of an overstatement to say that, without significant innovation and new entrants to the market, the RF filter is quickly becoming the bottleneck to emerging 5G services, autonomous cars, IoT, and wireless medical applications.”

  8. Optimizing EMC Testing With Pre-Compliance Test Chambers

    On-site testing is an efficient technique for completing EMC product testing to EMC industry standards. Shielded rooms and anechoic EMC test chambers are cost-effective, time-saving, offer confidentiality for company developments and patents, and increase reliability.

  9. Finding The “Missing Link”: Bringing Together Numerical Simulation And Antenna Measurement To Understand Deployed Antenna Performance

    This white paper presents the tools and techniques used to overcome limitations from unknown source model characterization and complexities of the environment for the most accurate source antenna measurements in the most complex test environments.

  10. Tunable MEMS Capacitor For RF Applications

    Tunable MEMS capacitors are micro-meter-scale electronic devices controlled through different actuation mechanisms. This paper proposes a design for an electro-thermally actuated tunable MEMS capacitor suitable for filters, oscillators, phase shifters, and impedance matching networks.