3rd Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Summit
June 20 - 21, 2017 - Alexandria NJ US

Defense Strategies Institute

Phone: 2012660058

The 2017 Electromagnetic Spectrum Summit will focus on emerging concepts, technologies and challenges that exist within the ever-growing domain of electromagnetic spectrum operations. As EW warfighting continues to evolve in complexity, it is clear that EW systems must work collaboratively across multi-domains. Management and manipulation of the EMS by the DoD allows our nation to gain tactical, operational, and strategic advantages. As competing nations continue to strengthen and improve their usage and maneuvers with the EMS, the United States must remain superior, which requires significant research and investment in understanding ways to advance Electronic Warfare technology and capabilities for sustained success. The demand for greater access to the spectrum and the crucial importance of defending our nation against Electronic Attacks only increases the awareness and necessity to master the utilization of the EMS. http://ew.dsigroup.org/

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