Mercury Systems, Inc.'s mission is to provide the embedded community with leading edge system- and board-level solutions for the most demanding requirements in data acquisition, digital signal processing and software radio applications through excellence and innovation.

Mercury Systems, Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, was founded in 1986 and is now the premier source for high-speed real-time recording systems and softwaredata acquisition and I/ODSP (digital signal processing) and SDR(software defined radio) products.

Our customers enjoy the performance and flexibility afforded by our system- and board-level commercial and conduction-cooled product lines and our world-class applications support.


  • To support ever-increasing computational challenges in radar, engineers must consider new innovative design approaches to meet real-time performance expectations. Utilizing new technology, it's now possible to solve the most advanced radar, cognitive EW and AI challenges, all on a single board.

  • TSOA-ID was a success with prominent companies joining representative commands from multiple branches of the U.S. Armed Forces to demonstrate the latest open architecture advancements that promote interoperability, cost savings and sustainment. 

  • OSA hardware platforms should be reusable for quick-reaction mission needs, feature upgrades and new technology insertion. These advantages reduce development risks and help ensure significantly longer operational lifecycles. Active participation in SOSA by the DoD, all three armed services, embedded industry vendors, universities and research facilities offers evidence that SOSA is well on its way to setting the future course for embedded military electronics systems.

  • This article overviews the Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) and VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA) organizations, including their challenges, successful strategies, and illustrative examples.

  • Open architecture initiatives such as the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) effort are showing tremendous momentum at the start of 2020. In this podcast, Pentek discusses these initiatives, their benefits, the business model roadblocks at the prime contractor level, as well as specifics from the demo including the Department of Defense keynote speakers. Additional presentation highlights include artificial intelligence (AI) for embedded systems from the the Embedded Tech Trends (ETT) conference held prior to the Tri-Service demo.



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