Advanced Industrial Physical and Virtual Electromagnetic Testing

IDS has more than 30 years heritage in advanced electromagnetic consultancy and product development. This experience has driven the development of advanced EM CAE software, especially in regards to complex Space, Aeronautical, Naval and Defense applications.

Effective combined usage of both:

  • software simulation (Virtual Testing)
  • real signal measurement (Physical Testing)

during validation activities has allowed IDS to develop a deep expertise in complex electromagnetic scenarios aimed at supporting product/system development for satellites, aircraft, space vehicles, terrestrial vehicles, military ships and RF ground communication systems in the air-navigation and other industries.

The development of IDS’s Electromagnetic Modeling & Simulation software incorporates the practical know-how deriving from:

  • IDS’s “Physical Testing” facilities and equipment (often “custom-developed in-house”)
  • proven/certified IDS EM CAE software results vs. measured real electromagnetic phenomena.

Key Benefits

  • Application-centric software optimized for electromagnetic design in complex environments (Aeronautics, Naval, Space, etc.)
  • Accurate modeling of all the electromagnetic aspects of a product: from design to functional verification, from EMI/EMC assessment to lightning and harness analysis up to modeling of the environmental impact and beyond
  • Project workflow management providing design history and modification tracking as well as version control, therefore allowing multiple users to work on the same multi-year project
  • IDS EM CAE software algorithms (virtual know-how) are fine-tuned by comparing results with EM measurement facilities and equipment (physical know-how)
  • Performance evaluations compliant with standards (authority and international) and certifications.

Read more about IDS CAE at https://www.idscorporation.com/solutions-products



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