Greenray Industries a leading designer and manufacturer of precision frequency control products designed for communications, military, aerospace, and instrumentation applications. Our products include crystal oscillators, OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, and XOs.

With over 40 years experience and ISO 9001–2000 certification, we offer customers extensive MIL-spec capabilities, rigorous in-house testing, and the unique ability to work directly with our engineers to satisfy demanding application requirements.

We attribute our success to a combination of progressive management, technological prowess and a flexible approach to working with our customers. Our production service offers manufacturing of any quantity -- of any of Greenray Industries hundreds of established products -- or to your specific requirements.

Our specialist sales team guides customers from initial design stage through to full production.

Our development and production facilities reflect our commitment to quality in all aspects of the design and manufacturing process, and include a conventional flow clean room area where we assemble on ceramic with capabilities including die attach, component attach and wire-bonding techniques to achieve miniaturization.

Our surface mount assembly area utilizes automatic screening and population of components down to 0201 size, with capabilities designed for high or low volume. And our standard lead through assembly department provides a high level of experience and is capable of producing the most complex of assemblies.

We have a mechanical shop for custom designs and fast turn around of non-standard parts, and for dedicated jig and fixturing, manned by an exceptionally experienced team.

To discuss your specific program requirements, please call or send us an e-mail.

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The NEW T1241 TCXO!

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Greenray Industries is a sister company to Statek Corporation, the acknowledged leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of highly reliable, micro-machined, ultra-miniature quartz products. Statek's in-house technological capability enables reduction in production and new product development cycle times, and to scale up new and custom products quickly. R&D engineering continues to develop new products such high-frequency fundamental crystals and high-shock (100,000 G) crystals and oscillators.



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