GPS Networking, Inc. is the only company which specializes in providing global positioning products and solutions to enable you to effectively distribute the GPS/GNSS signal throughout your facility.  We have developed a line of GPS/GNSS products which allow you to design your own GPS/GNSS network that meets your application needs. For over 20 years, GPS Networking, Inc. has been the world leader in providing GPS/GNSS Antenna Splitters, GPS/GNSS Amplifiers, GPS/GNSS Rack Mount Splitters, GPS/GNSS Re-radiating Kits and GPS/GNSS Fiber Optic Antenna Link systems.

GPS Networking has the experience and expertise needed to create customized solutions for your application.  GPS Networking has developed GPS/GNSS systems for many different applications, including Communications, Public Safety, Military, Aviation & Aerospace, Surveying & Mapping and Utilities Companies.

GPS Networking was the first company to sell GPS Re-radiating kits which effectively transmits GPS/GNSS signals indoors. We offer the total solution Hanger Network GPS Re-Radiating Kit (HNRRKIT) or the Portable Network GPS Re-Radiating Kit (PNRRKIT) to meet your unique application. We are also the first to offer Fiber Optic timing solutions with our Fiber Optic GPS Antenna Link (FOGPSAL). This system assists in the transmission of media (data) in large (open or closed) facilities such as Sporting Arenas/Stadiums and Hotels/Casinos. We are your source for GPS/GNSS products that are essential when using the GPS Signal in timing and synchronization applications and in testing all of your navigation equipment.

GPS Networking knows that when it comes to networking GPS/GNSS signals throughout your facility, ship, plane or vehicle, our biggest asset is our knowledge of global positioning systems. We have provided the GPS/GNSS equipment for virtually every type of environment and application.  GPS Networking solutions include GPS/GNSS DAS networks throughout the Major wireless carriers locations including base station applications integral in the LTE wireless rollout. We also have designed and developed networks including re-radiating GPS/GNSS in Bradley Fighting Vehicles and countless other military applications. So if you need information on how to accomplish your particular GPS/GNSS Network objective, please call us at 1-800-463-3063 and let us put our skills and experience to work for you, free of charge.