Newsletter | May 8, 2024

05.08.24 -- Your Guide To Maximizing Antenna Performance

How To Use Antenna Factors

Unlocking the potential of antennas hinges on understanding their Antenna Factors (AF). Discover how AF is crucial in gauging field strength and voltage output, and its pivotal role in EMC emissions software integration.


A Primer On Antenna Near-Field And Far-Field For The Practical Engineer

Understanding antenna field regions—reactive near-field, radiating near-field/Fresnel Region, far-field/Fraunhofer Region—is essential for EMC testing. Explore how to calculate their boundaries and implications in compliance and performance measurement.


Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Explained

Discover the origins and significance of VSWR in EMC with a journey from telegraphy to modern RF practices. Explore its fundamental principles and practical applications in signal analysis.


Connections Are Key: How To Create A Valid Test Environment

Understanding the intricate role of connectors and cables in RF testing setups is crucial for accurate results. Explore the impact of connector choices, cable types, and attenuation management strategies for optimal testing environments.


Magnetic Field Testing

Discover the essentials of magnetic field testing with loop antennas, crucial for measuring electromagnetic strength across various frequencies. Explore applications, standards like MIL-STD 462, and innovative solutions like H-Field Rods for precise evaluations.