Source: X-Microwave, LLC

The X-MWsystem from X-Microwave is a complete modular building block eco-system including a broad offering of RF and microwave components, an innovative Prototype Station and a FREE online System Simulator.  The X-MWsystem can be used to seamlessly navigate thru the product development process from simulation to prototype to production hardware.

There are hundreds of X-MWsystem compatible components, or X-MWblocks, including many types of amplifiers, mixers, multipliers, and filters.  These drop-in components have common launch geometries and mounting provisions, and contain “on the grid” power and control provisions.  The available prototype station, or X-MWprotostation, features a rugged stainless steel construction plate, high performance RF probes, and modular wall and lid pieces for constructing arbitrary shaped enclosures. The system’s FREE online system simulator, known as the X-MWsimulator, is powered by Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys Engine, includes x-parameters, s-parameters, and behavioral models, and can be used to optimize designs for power consumption and cost.

Download the brochure for more key features and benefits of the X-MWsystem.