News | February 10, 2015

X-Microwave Opens With An Innovative Business Model

X-Microwave, LLC opens with an innovative business model based on 3 exciting concepts. First, a Modular RF and Microwave Building Block System complete with hundreds of physically compatible Drop-In components. The Drop-In components are designed to be used at every stage of development from prototype to production hardware. Second, the broad range of the system components are modeled with S or X-Parameter models (at the system block level) which are available for use on an intuitive online FREE Non-Linear System Simulator that uses Keysight’s Genesys Spectrasys Engine. And third, an innovative high performance AFFORDABLE Prototype Station is available for test, alignment and configuring complete Integrated Microwave Assemblies to 50 GHz.

The modular system "X-MWsystem" addresses all of the challenges associated with the broad concept of a Modular System Design. All components "X-MWblocks" are designed on a Grid System. All components have common RF launch geometries and therefore use a common interconnect system. The modular format is used for components of all component categories including: amplifiers, mixers, filters, splitters, couplers, attenuators and switches etc. Even different types of filter technologies are compatible including planar, lumped and cavity filters. The components all have common mounting, featuring bias and control interfaces that are on the grid. With all of these common physical traits, the components can all be tested individually or as cascaded assemblies on a single prototype plate with a universal high performance compatible RF Probe design eliminating costly custom fixturing. Moving the same X-MWblocks from the prototype plate to machined housings for production hardware eliminates the conventional step of custom layouts which introduces performance variation.

In short, the X-MWsystem allows a designer to go from Concept to Production hardware in four easy steps:

Step 1) Simulate a system block diagram using the online simulator.

Step 2) Procure the required components "X-MWblocks". Some of these components may be of your own compatible design.

Step 3) Validate the design on the Prototype Plate.

Step 4) Move the components to the Production Housing.

X-Microwave has set the stage. "Get on the Grid" with us to realize the benefits of a Modular Design Methodology. For more information, visit Register and explore the online Simulator.

Source: X-Microwave