X-Band, SOI 6-Bit Phase Shifter In OVN QFM Package: QPC2110

Source: Qorvo
Qorvo - QPC2110

The Qorvo QPC2110 is a packaged SOI 6-bit phase shifter.  It operates over 8 – 11.5 GHz while providing 360° of phase coverage with a LSB of 5.625. 

The QPC2110 offers an exceptional RMS phase error of <3 degrees and amplitude error of <0.4 dB over most of the operational band. With other equally impressive small signal and linearity characteristics, the QPC2110 delivers superior performance for your X-band phased array applications.

Housed in a small 2 x 2 mm plastic overmold QFN package, DC blocked on both ports with bi-directional operation and the use of positive only control logic, the QPC2110 supports ease of use for simple system integration. Low DC power consumption also provides the system designer more flexibility in the overall power management of the system.