X-Band 6-Bit Phase Shifters

Source: Qorvo
X-Band 6-Bit Phase Shifters

Qorvo offers 6-bit digital phase shifters that operate over the 8 to 12 GHz frequency range. These phase shifters provide 360° of phase coverage with a LSB of 5.625°, and are capable of achieving a low RMS phase error of 4° with 6 dB of insertion loss.

Fabricated on Qorvo’s high performance 0.15 μm GaAs pHEMT process, the TGP2109 and the TGP2109-SM are developed for simple system integration. By using positive only switch logic, these devices eliminate the need for a negative voltage rail. In addition, both ports are matched to 50 ohms with DC blocking capacitors. The ease of use, low insertion loss, and high degree of resolution makes these phase shifters ideal for a variety of x-band phased array applications including commercial and military radars, and phase array communication systems.

For more information on the two models of phase shifters that Qorvo has to offer, download the corresponding datasheets.