X-Band 50W Limiters

Source: Qorvo
X-Band 50W Limiters

The TGL2209 and TGL2209-SM are Qorvo’s new X-band GaAs VPIN limiters designed to protect sensitive receive channel components against high power incident signals. These limiters do not require DC bias, and are able to achieve low insertion loss in a small form factor, allowing for simple system integration with minimal impact on performance.

The new VPIN limiters operate within the 8.0 to 12 GHz frequency range, and can limit up to 50W of incident pulsed-power with a low flat leakage of less than 18.5 dBm. Offered in die form, these devices are well suited for commercial and defense related applications such as receive chain protection and military radar.

Key Limiter Features Include:

  • Frequency Range: 8.0 to 12 GHz
  • Insertion Loss: less than 0.5 dB
  • Peak Power Handling: 50 W (pulsed)
  • Passive (no DC bias required)
  • Recovery time less than 115 ns

For more information regarding the TGL2209 and the TGL2209-SM limiter models, download the respective datasheets.