Wireless Network Surveillance System

Wireless Network Surveillance System

The new wireless network surveillance system from Corry Micronics comprises the RFMS-2x8*8 8 Channel Matrix with a Probe Port and two CMIATT-4CH-200W 100 W Attenuator banks. It is capable of a range of configurations ranging from one port to over 48 ports. The 8-channel RF matrix switch is designed with a probe/test port where the signal analysis occurs. The 8-channel switch is bi-directional enabling testing in both directions. System frequencies can be customized to the end user’s specifications.

Key surveillance system features include:

  • Customizable from one port to 48 ports
  • Frequency to customer specifications from 30 MHz to 10 GHz
  • Rack mounted
  • Fast switching speed at 2 micro-seconds
  • TTL control
  • Low insertion loss
  • High port to port isolation
  • The matrix features solid state switching
  • The attenuator bank can handle 100 watts per channel

For more information on the available matrix and attenuator for the wireless network monitoring system, download the datasheets above.

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