Wideband GaN Amplifiers: Modular, Non-ITAR

Source: Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Modular Non-ITAR GaN Amplifiers

Teledyne Microwave Solutions' (TMS) family of GaN-based amplifiers maximizes power density and efficiency, and establishes a new benchmark for small size in the 0.1 to 6.0 GHz range that operates over multi octave. With dimensions of 2.5"L x 2"W x 0.42"H at only 2.1 cubic inches, these modular, non-ITAR GaN amplifiers maintain the rugged design characteristics needed for harsh airborne and land based requirements.

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Depending on frequency band, output power ranges between 15 and 40 watts with minimum overall gain of 50 dB. In addition to normal DC connections via a 15 pin Micro D connector, other convenient control / interface features available via the connector include a TX enable / disable TTL command (100 ns TYP, 200 nx MAX); over temperature automatic shutdown and associated alarm (TTL); and the ability to monitor unit temperature via an analog voltage which is proportional to case temperature. Optimized to cover 5 common frequency bands, this line of GaN amplifiers can be easily adapted to comply with your frequency and power-level requirements due to the modular design technique used by TMS engineers.

TMS Wideband GaN Amplifiers At-A-Glance:

  • Frequency: 0.1 To 6.0 Ghz
  • Multi Octave Wide Band-Width
  • Technology: Gan
  • Packaging Connectorized
  • Platforms: Ground, Airborne
  • Applications: Demanding Military And Commercial
  • Calculated MTBF: 40,000 + Hours @85°C

Key Features:

  • Industry leading SWAP
  • Only 2.1 cubic inches
  • High power density and efficiency
  • 2.5"L x 2"W x 0.42"H
  • Optimal Ruggedization
  • Wider bandwidths

Markets and Applications:

  • Military
  • Communications
  • EW, Missile
  • Commercial

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