Wide Band Microwave Horn Antenna: ATH800M6G

Source: AR
Wide Band Microwave Horn Antenna: ATH800M6G

The ATH800M6G is a microwave horn antenna that provides high intensity fields necessary for RFI/EMI field testing both within and beyond the confines of a shielded room. With a wide operation frequency of up to 6 GHz, and a minimum gain of 10 dBi, the antenna is ideally suited for use with amplifiers within the 0.8-6 GHz frequency range.

Features such as its compact, tough structure and light weight make the ATH800M6G easy to move around, and ready for more extreme demands of outdoor use.  This antenna is ideal for radar pulse testing in multiple radar bands over the 0.8-6 GHz range. The ATH800M6G may also be calibrated for RF emission testing. The calibrated model is designated by adding a “CC” suffix to the model number.

For more specifications, graphs, and ordering information, download the datasheet.

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