Webinar | April 23, 2021

Webinar: Design And Simulation Of Planar RF Front Ends For X/Ku Band Phased Array Radars

Using real-world design and simulation examples, this webcast will focus on challenges such as RF amplifier biasing and sequencing, circuit layout, thermal management, power management, part-to-part performance variations and calibration. The webcast will also highlight how Analog Devices’ hardware and Keysight’s Pathwave design software can simplify and de-risk the prototyping process. 

Additional Topics Covered:

  • A brief introduction to pulsed phased array radar 
  • How this application impacts the design of planar RF Front Ends
  • Practical challenges of RF design of a phased array front end
  • The capabilities of Keysight Pathwave design software for phased array modeling and characterization
  • Measured performance of a X/Ku radar front end development kit


  • Joel Dobler, Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices
  • Weston Sapia, Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices

Click here to view the webcast.