News | June 13, 2007

Vectria Awarded Contract For Broadband High-Linearity Preselectors

Source: Vectria Ltd.
Ashkelon, Israel -- Vectria Ltd. announced that it has been awarded a contract of nearly $1 million by ELTA Electronic Systems Ltd., a subsidiary of IAI (Israeli Aircraft Industries). Under the contract, Vectria will deliver several hundreds of broadband high-linearity preselectors through 2008.

Vectria has already completed development of the unit, and delivered a preproduction batch under a formerly completed order.

These high-linearity preselectors are based on broadband switched filters bank implemented using Vectria's surface-mount technology for repeatability and cost effectiveness. The units replace older chip and wire versions, and function as a dominant portion of a ground-based COMINT system's FE receiver.

"This is a very important contract for Vectria," said Reviv Levin, President and General Manager of Vectria Ltd. "Our preferred surface-mount technology and innovative design solutions won this contract. The electronic systems market is getting more and more competitive. Vectria's major added value as an OEM/RF and microwave custom design vendor is in substantially improving the competitiveness of high RF content systems."

SOURCE: Vectria Ltd.