Vector Network Analyzers: PXIe-5632

Source: National Instruments (NI)

Vector Network Analyzers: PXIe-5632

The PXIe-5632 from NI is a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) designed for the modular, compact PXI platform. With reduced test times and highly accurate RF functionality, the VNA operates in the 300 kHz to 8.5 GHz range, and has a source power ranging from -30 dBm to +15 dBm.

The PXIe-5632 allows for seamless integration into test systems that use a variety of RF and mixed-signal I/O instruments. This device also features dual-source architecture, source-access loops, and a low-latency trigger. The included full-featured NI VNA Soft Front Panel, LabVIEW, or LabWindows/CVI SPIs can be used to take fast measurements, and to perform both automatic and manual calibrations.

For more features, specifications, and operating parameters, download the datasheet.