VDI Erickson PM5 Power Meter

Source: Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI)

VDI Erickson PM5 Power Meter

The Erickson PM5 Power Meter from VDI is a calibrated calorimeter-style power meter for applications operating from 75 GHz to over 3 THz. With a sensor head featuring a WR10 input and VDI’s optional input waveguide tapers, the power meter can also be used at other frequencies. It is the standard meter for over 100 GHz of power measurement, with a range of power measurement from 1 µW up to 200 mW.

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The PM5 is available as an upgrade to existing PM4 units. The power meter is constructed with a waveguide load with a 6 second thermal time constant, and an excellent RF match. A thermal feedback circuit makes the sensor much faster (~0.1 sec TC) for most measurements. A calibration heater resistor is mounted on the load in close proximity to where most of the input power should be dissipated. Efficient load coupling is possible using standard linear tapers to any smaller waveguide band. Input loss is minimized through the use of a very short waveguide.

For more in-depth information on the VDI Erickson PM5 Power meter, download the available datasheet.