News | October 26, 2021

Ultra-Small Coaxial Connector From Hirose Supports 5G Applications

Hirose C_FL_image

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS –  Hirose, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative connector solutions, has enhanced its compact coaxial connector offering to serve the emerging 5G device market. 5G applications require connectors that can handle higher frequency, and the C.FL Series coaxial connector supports up to 30Ghz in an ultra-small footprint.  

Measuring only 2 mm x 2 mm with a 0.92 mm mated height, the C.FL Series connector meets the demands for miniaturization and high-performance. Delivering high signal integrity and low insertion loss, the C.FL Series features low reflection characteristics up to 30GHz.  

The C.FL Series has low voltage standing wave ratios (VSWR) of: 

  • 1.4 VSWR maximum: DC to 15GHz  
  • 1.5 VSWR maximum: 15 to 20GHz  
  • 1.6 VSWR maximum: 20 to 30GHz  

Reduced phase difference between signals is improved by controlling the cable length accuracy.To simplify installation, the C.FL Series offers a wide self-alignment range of ±0.15 mm in the X and Y directions. A clear tactile click communicates proper mating.

“Hirose continues to lead the industry with space saving connector designs that combine high-performance with high reliability. The patented C.FL Series coaxial connector extends this Hirose trend to support 5G applications,” said Mark Kojak, VP of Sales and Marketing for Hirose Electric USA. Applicable cable of 0.64 mm dia. The C.FL Series is commonly used in portable, consumer and IoT devices.   

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