NEW: Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources: XMN & XMNP Series

Source: Pascall Electronics Ltd.

This series of ultra-low noise signal sources features exceptionally low phase noise, supplementary output at oscillator frequency, and a wide range of output frequencies and multiplication ratios. They provide a range of high-performance building blocks between 200 MHz and 3 GHz.

The XMN and XMNP series of ultra-low noise signal sources are ideal for applications involving scientific research, NMR/MRI research, low noise frequency synthesizers, radar and electronic warfare, and phase noise test systems.

An integrated Pascall OCXOF in the XMN series results in a -183dBc/Hz noise floor (typical) at the oscillator’s frequency. For example, the phase noise floor of a 1.2GHz output derived from 120MHz is typically -163dBc/Hz. In addition to the multiplied frequency, an output is provided at the oscillator's frequency.

A phase locked loop has been added to the XMNP ultra-low noise signal source, thus enabling the module to be locked to an external reference. The reference frequency can be specified by the customer and the PLL will operate over a wide range of input levels, making the unit very easy to use.