0.1 – 6.0 GHz Ultra Low-Noise LNA: QPL9058

Source: Qorvo

Qorvo offers the QPL9058 high-linearity, ultra-low noise amplifier designed for use in many applications including 5G m-MIMO, repeaters/DAS, LTE, TDD/FDD systems, and other general-purpose wireless applications. At 3.6 GHz, the amplifier typically provides 18 dB gain, +36 dBm OIP3 at a 55 mA bias setting, and 0.6 dB noise figure. The LNA can be biased from a single positive supply ranging from 3.3 to 5 volts.

The QPL9058 is bias adjustable and requires minimal external components to operate. It also has a power down control capability integrated into the die for TDD applications. The device is housed in a green/RoHS-compliant industry-standard 2x2 mm package.

For additional information on the QPL9058, download the available datasheet.