UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-1

Source: NuWaves RF Solutions

This UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver operates in the 350 to 450 MHz frequency range and is ideal for embedded technology applications.

The RF-U-3545-TR-1 UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver features dual power RF output models than can be set to 100mW or 5 Watts. The transceiver’s transmit output power is held at a relative constant through an incorporated automatic level circuit (ALC). Additionally, and LED status light is provided to verify radio functionality. This light signifies the present signal, alignment mode, and transmit mode.

This UHF Telemetry Data Transceiver is ideal for applications involving UAV communication links, telemetry transceivers, data communications, access and activity alerts, military communications, and more.