30 - 88 MHz Tx/Rx Booster Amplifier: AR-50SE

30 - 88 MHz Tx/Rx Booster Amplifier: AR-50SE

AR’s Model AR-50SE is designed as a fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multi-band tactical radio equipment. Covering the 30 to 88 MHz frequency band, this amplifier uses high speed auto switching filters to assure harmonic suppression.

The AR-50SE includes power supply voltage spike suppression, a DC/DC converter for wide DC input range, RF sensing, T/R switching, Automatic Level Control (ALC), three automatically switched harmonic filter bands, and protection against antenna mismatch and over-temperature.

Additional features include:

  • 50 W across the entire 30 - 88 MHz band
  • DC ON/OFF switch
  • Three-year warranty
  • Rugged 3-piece aluminum case
  • Protection against accidental polarity reversal

For more features and specifications, download the available datasheet.

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