Tuneable High-Q, High Power VHF/UHF Bandpass Filter: CB503

Source: Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Tuneable High-Q, High Power VHF/UHF Bandpass Filter: CB503

The CB503 tuneable High-Q, high power VHF/UHF bandpass filter is comprised of a three section passive machined combline filter with an input/output coupling structure. This coupling structure enables the filter to be tuned to any central frequency in the range of 160 MHz to 360 MHz while maintaining its high-Q and excellent rejection, insertion loss, and center return loss performance. This filter is ideal for de-confliction filtering, military mobile/mounted VHF/UHF communication systems, and base station antenna filter applications.

The CB503 features a unique tuning mechanism that handles peak RF voltages generated by high power input signals. It avoids the need for moving and sliding RF grounding contacts that have inherently poor reliability and short operational life.

Additional features include:

  • Tuning range of 160 - 360MHz
  • Bandwidth of 3% fo
  • Insertion loss less than 0.6dB
  • VSWR better than 1.5:1
  • 40dBc rejection bandwidth of 17% fo
  • Fully digitally controlled using high resolution stepper motor actuators
  • Operating power range of 100 Watts

For more information on the VHF/UHF bandpass filter, download the datasheet.