News | October 10, 2011

TS2 To Offer Iridium Extreme™ Handset In Poland

Warsaw, Poland /PRNewswire/ - Today, in the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, a new Iridium global network phone has been presented to the TS2 national trade partners. New Iridium Extreme™ model is the most advanced and rugged satellite phone with a unique feature of locating users anywhere on the surface of the planet. It is more than a satellite phone - it provides customers with a solution for transmission of voice, data, Wi-Fi, GPS, SMS, SOS and tracking services under the harshest conditions, anywhere on the planet.

Key features:

  • Compliance with US Military 810F. It meets the highest standards of resistance to dust, sand, shock, vibrations, low pressure, high and low temperature, rain and long-term moisture. It can be used everywhere, on sea, land, in mountains or on the desert.
  • The only phone with constant user tracking. Iridium offers an open development platform for custom location-based solutions providing real time tracking. Through certified online portals you can track shipments, materials delivery, ships, planes, cars, employees, expedition participants or inform your family and friends about your location.
  • Iridium Extreme™ is the first-ever phone with built-in programmable one-touch SOS button. It is a GPS-enabled solution that allows calling help immediately and giving a precise user location.
  • It allows creation of a Wi-Fi hotspot everywhere on the planet. Through satellite phone connection you can connect any Wi-Fi appliance, smartphone or computer directly to the Internet.

Iridium Extreme™ will be made available starting from October 12, 2011. The current price is the equivalent of $1567,50.

TS2 - - is the leading provider of domestic and global satellite access services. It has been providing its services to, amongst others: U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Command of Polish Navy, Government Protection Bureau (Poland), Polish National Police, Polish National Headquarters of the State Fire Services, and Border Guard (Poland).

TS2 services were, and still are, successfully used by troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In these locations, reliable and independent satellite communications systems support military operations, guaranteeing their efficient execution. In addition, satellite communications systems also increase the level of security of persons taking part in military operations.

Satellite telecommunication systems are useful not only for the military. Emergency services, particularly those working in difficult conditions, where immediate response is crucial (e.g. at sea or in areas affected by natural disasters), also require an independent communications system.

The company also offers satellite phone rental for lovers of extreme tourism. In wild areas, where there is no human settlement over many hundreds of square miles, constant phone contact may increase the chances of safely surviving a trip of a lifetime.

More on Iridium Extreme™:

Iridium Extreme™ is a registered trademark of Iridium Communications Inc.

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