Triple Shielded, Low Loss Cable Assemblies: NextPhase™ Series

Source: MegaPhase LLC

Triple Shielded, Low Loss Cable Assemblies: NextPhase™ Series

MegaPhase’s NextPhase™ Series is comprised of high performance interconnect cables that are designed to offer exceptional insertion loss performance at a reasonable cost. With operation from DC-40 GHz and availability in wide range of cable lengths, these assemblies are ideal for general purpose system interconnects.

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Each low density, dielectric cable is available with a variety of suitable diameter options which can be selected based on the item loss and frequency requirements. These diameter options also enable the accommodation of a wide range of design requirements such as bend radii, weight, and power performance. The NextPhase cables also feature excellent VSWR characteristics, and triple shield construction, which eliminates the interference from adjacent signals.

For more electrical and mechanical specifications on the NextPhase™ cables, download the datasheet.

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