TX/RX Dual Polarization Beamformer(24 To 29.5 GHz): ADMV4828

Source: Analog Devices

The ADMV4828 is a silicon on insulator (SOI), 24.0 - 29.5 GHz, mmW 5G beamformer. The RF integrated circuit (RFIC) is highly integrated and contains 16 independent transmit and receive channels.

The ADMV4828 comes in a compact, 304-ball, 10 mm × 8.5 mm chip scale package ball grid array (CSP_BGA). The ADMV4828 operates over the −40°C to +95°C case temperature (TC) range. This CSP_BGA package enables the ability to heatsink the ADMV4828 from the topside of the package for the most efficient thermal heatsinking and to allow flexible antenna placement on the opposite side of the printed circuit board (PCB).

Key Features Include:

  • RF range: 24.0 GHz to 29.5 GHz
  • 16 configurable transmit and receive channels
  • Dual polarization, 8 horizontal and 8 vertical channels
  • Fast TDD switching time using TRX_x pins
  • Matched to 50 Ω, single-ended RF inputs and outputs
  • Single transmitter channel power detector and temperature sensor
  • Integrated individual receive channel overload detection circuit
  • High resolution, 6-bit VM for phase control
  • High resolution, 6-bit and 5-bit DVGAs for amplitude control
  • Memory for 2048 shared transmit and receive beam positions

For more information, download the available datasheet.