Thermal Vacuum Test Cables: Altitude T-Vac™

Source: MegaPhase LLC

Thermal Vacuum Test Cables: Altitude T-Vac

These test cables are ideal for applications involving vacuum chambers, climatic chambers, thermal shock chambers, and vibration/shock equipment.

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The Altitude T-Vac test cables have a maximum frequency of 50 GHz, 50 Ω (nominal) impedance, a 69% nominal propagation velocity, a 1.47 ns/ft time delay, 29 pF/ft capacitance, and a dielectric withstanding voltage of 10 kV at 60 Hz. These low outgassing thermal vacuum test cables employ a Viton outer jacket and offer significant benefits including super flexibility, high impact crush resistance, and a extensive temperature operating range. MegaPhase offers a wide range of connectors which can be vented to ensure fast pressure adaptation in environments where outgassing is a concern.

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