News | November 30, 2015

The NEW Modelithics CLR Library For ANSYS HFSS

Modelithics, Inc. and ANSYS have collaborated under the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program to make the advanced, substrate scalable, high accuracy parasitic models from Modelithics compatible with the latest version of ANSYS Electronics Desktop and ANSYS HFSS electromagnetic (EM) simulation software.

The Modelithics CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS has just been released and contains over 270 resistor, inductor and capacitor (RLC) component families as Microwave Global Models.  These models represent nearly 9,000 RLC components from the leading vendors. Modelithics models are measurement-based equivalent circuit models that accurately predict substrate and pad parasitic effects on surface mount components over frequency. They offer part-value scalability, substrate scalability, pad scalability, orientation selectability, statistical analysis capability, EM co-simulation compatibility and thorough documentation.

The new Modelithics CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS, once installed, adds an extensive list of precision models for commercially available parts to the ANSYS Electronics Desktop component library. The models are easily added to circuit schematics via drag-and-drop, and the advanced model parameters allowing for substrate and pad details to be specified and for special simulation modes to be set when performing EM co-simulation. Customers already owning or leasing Modelithics libraries for other simulators may find it most cost effective to simply upgrade to multi-simulator licensing to add the CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS to their available tool set.

Modelithics president and CEO, Larry Dunleavy, commented, “We have an increasing number of customers who want to use accurate surface mount component models in combination with complex EM simulations. The release of the Modelithics CLR Library for ANSYS HFSS marks our first library version available for EDA software that integrates circuit analysis and 3-D EM simulation within one environment.”

“Modelithics has long been recognized as the leader for advanced and highly accurate libraries,” said Larry Williams, director of product development for ANSYS. “Combining the Modelithics CLR library with ANSYS HFSS brings the best in device modeling with the most accurate and comprehensive EM analysis to reduce design iterations and speed design closure.”

A free evaluation library - Modelithics SELECT+ for ANSYS HFSS - containing sample models from the CLR library, is available for download from the ANSYS MVP page on the Modelithics web site:

About Modelithics, Inc.

Modelithics, Inc. was formed in 2001 to address the industry-wide need for high-accuracy RF and microwave active and passive simulation models for use in Electronic Design Automation (EDA). Modelithics’ premium product is the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, which includes the CLR Library, containing measurement-based Microwave Global Models for a multitude of commercially-available passive component families, the NLD Library (non-linear diode models) the NLT Library (non-linear transistor models), and the SLC Library (system level component models). Modelithics’ services also address a wide range of custom RF and microwave measurement and modeling needs. Modelithics is a registered trademark of Modelithics, Inc. Microwave Global Models, CLR Library, NLD Library, NLT Library, and the SLC Library are also trademarks of Modelithics, Inc. The Modelithics Vendor Partner Program allows for collaboration and open communication during the development of advanced data sets and models for commercially available microwave components and devices, with flexible sponsorship and distribution arrangements for the resulting data and models. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Modelithics, Inc.